A silly question - curious about locks and keys

  1. I never gave it much thought before but, while playing with my H bags yesterday, I considered the fact that the bags come with a numbered lock and its two keys. Since I don't recall seeing this topic addressed on the forum before, I'm curious to know:

    Is the lock simply an attractive adornment on your bags or have you actually had occasion to use it?

    And--as far as the keys go--do you leave both keys inside the clochette, or do you remove one and put it somewhere else for safekeeping? (Sounds pretty anal, I know, but I doubt this was the original intention of Hermes--to carry both keys with the bag.)

    I don't expect to lose any sleep over this, but just wondered what other tPFers do with their locks and keys. ;)
  2. I store one of my Kelly's keys in the sleeper just as a precaution. (I'm sort of a cautious person!) LOL

    I keep the lock on one of the loops, so it's just there for "decoration". I doubt I would ever use it to actually lock the bag.
  3. Aspen, I use my locks/cadenas for decoration, hanging the lock on the the key clochette or as in the case of my Bolide, it goes on the side of the bag and, I feel, looks quite pretty there. ( one of the reasons I favor the Bolide styling)

    However, the first Birkin I ever had the pleasure of seeing had on her locked cadena. I was sitting with an out of town friend at lunch, she had her beautiful Togo Birkin with her and it was all buckled down and locked. Taking the key out of the clochette, she unlocked it and slowly opened the bag.

    It was like an Hermes striptease! I loved it!! Like seeing a wonderful mesmerizing movie!

    I've heard other ladies say they lock their bags when traveling or when in situations that they want to keep the contents secure....say, on the subway, or out in crowds.
  4. My lock on my Herbag goes on the key clochette, just for looks. I'm sure I'll lock it someday when I'm somewhere that I think it needs locking (like isus said, in a crowd, on the tube or traveling), but I don't use it as of now.

  5. Sarah, I noticed you did that in your pics, and I love the look! :girlsigh: Are you at all concerned about the clochette holding up to the weight over time? I know that a clochette on a Birkin/Kelly is much more sturdy that what is on our Herbags...

    Also, what do you put on the back hook? Do you have a cadena that you have been keeping from us? :confused1: I really want to get the lotus for 2008!
  6. i personally feel that if i am in a situation where i need to lock a bag that i have, then i would be more concerned about the actual bag getting stolen, and less about the contents. lol.
  7. My thoughts exactly. I view these pieces as purely decorative, and I actually prefer not having them on my bags.
  8. I also store one key at home,
    I use the lock , when travelling, or when being ( eyed up ) on the tube, I always turn my bag around so it stays under the radar,
    funny the Hermes bag dont draw much attention , but my Chanel bags, well I def turn those around.
  9. I wear my birkin and kelly NAKED. Well, not me, but the bags.:nuts:

    I actually put the keys and their locks inside their boxes, and they stay there. Once in a while when I'm storing one bag and taking out the other, I'd play with the lock and key. But that's about it.
  10. Is it true that if you lose the lock it cannot be replaced because each lock is unique to the bag? Someone told me this but sounds kinda funny.
  11. I could see locking my bag up to prevent someone from snooping inside it.
    Perhaps you are staying at a hotel and are using another bag. Someone may not steal your bag from your room;but they could look inside it and find information about you.
  12. I think they are only useful for travel pieces. The only reason I suspect they are on the handbags is because the bags themselves were inspired by the original haut a courroie bags and other larger pieces. I understand the plume was originally designed to carry blankets! I would only use the lock on the travel pieces if I left them with the hotel or perhaps if I put them in the overhead compartment.
  13. No, that's not true. You can always order another lock with a matching set of keys.
  14. When using the lock and clochette for decoration, I would make sure that one key stays at home.
    I prefer my Kelly without either of them.
  15. lol, i never use mine. not sure why...:shrugs::p