A Silly Pochette Dilema


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Dec 31, 2005
I got a pochette accessoires as an X'mas gift from an 'aunt' I highly appreciated the gesture, and it was extremly generous, BUT the only problem is that I already own one. The gift came with a gift receipt, and I would like to exchange it for an MC wapity.

Now, as a well mannered person, I feel that I should take my own pochette and 'wear' it for this 'aunt' to show that I do indeed love her gift (or her thought). That way, no feelings are hurt and I would get my wapity. But of course nothing is that easy, CAUSE I CAN'T FIND MY OWN POCHETTE. I haven't used it in many years (it was my first LV), and since than have moved. I KNOW it's somewhere at home........but can't find it. :hysteric: What should I do, keep it?, exchange it? :confused1: Decision must be made by Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!! :cursing:
gosh... Why don't you simply tell your aunt "thank you" and explain you already have this pochette. I'm sure she would understand and would not think any less of your manners... I am an auntie also and I don't mind any of them saying they need an exchange (that includes their mom too).
Just tell her..I'm sure she'd much rather know you're not just wearing it to make her happy. I think she'd appreciate knowing that you exchanged it for something you'll use and don't already have. She'll understand :yes:
Honestly, Id go find the other pochette first. If its lost and gone for good, you can keep that one, and If now, you can let her know thanks but I already have one. I'm sure she was somewhat expecting that by including in a gift receipt. I know I can probobly expect that when my niece and nephew grow up (whew, good thing they are only 3rs and 4 months old)
This 'aunt' is really my parents' friend, and she knew my love of bags, so decided to get me one (that isn't so expensive, I think). Which is really great, because I wouldn't be able accept a really expensive bag, y'know what I mean? She made it a point that she hand picked it after much deliberation, that's why I'm hesitant to tell her, y'know?
Do you have to wear it in front of her is that why the Tuesday deadline? I guess if she gave it with a gift reciept then she knows there's a possibillity that you might exchange it for something else. On the other hand when I give someone a gift I don't expect to see it being used or worn whenever I see them.
Gifts are meant to be enjoyed :yes: .. if you already have it then its best to get something you really want or like!! (So I really hope you find your other one) If it were my choice, I'd have no problem going to exchange it. :graucho:
I would search like a madwoman for your old one and make sure you do really still have it before exchanging. Then I would tell your aunt that you absolutely love it and she has great taste since you picked out the same thing before. Adn then exchange it......you'll have a little bit of $$ left over too...since the pochette is more than the wapity!
perhaps just be straight-forward with her? I mean.. she did include a gift receipt, so it was obviously incase you didnt like/want it! Im sure she will understand.. I would definantely exchange it, since you already own one! goodluck..
I guess that I'm different, because I would carry my 1yr old pochette as if it were the one your aunt had given you & then exchange the new one for the wapity. It's not that I'm dishonest, but I wouldn't want my aunt to feel badly about choosing the gift. And from another prospective, she might loose confidence in purchasing your next LV gift. :graucho: In the meantime, you've got to find your pochette!! :nuts:
My decision would probably depend whether or not I can find your 1st pouchette. Also, I'm sure she wouldn't mind you wanting to exchange the gift if you decide to -- after all, your aunt did include the receipt for a reason. If you do decide to exchange it, be honest with her. Tell her your exchanging it because you already have one -- not because you don't like it. I'm sure she'll appreciate the honesty. Maybe tell her also that situation with your pouchette. You never know maybe she didn't even see or think of getting the wapity? HTH
well...I would say, if you can't find your old pochette then to keep the one your aunt gave you IF you wanted to. But if you would rather have a wapity I would get that instead...besides, she included a gift receipt with it anyway,..I'm sure she thought that maybe you had it or may not like it that's why she gave you a gift receipt also!
I agree with just jill, your aunt included a gift receipt for a reason...if the wapity will make you happy I say do it.

I would write her a nice note saying how much you appreciated the gift and tell her you since you had one you exchanged it for this (and include a pic)