A silly buy?

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buy empty Chanel box?

Poll closed Dec 21, 2019.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Hi all,
    I just recently bought a vintage Chanel. And with most vintages this bag does not come with a box. And one thing I love about Chanel is the packaging. Would it be silly to buy an empty Chanel box for this bag?
  2. Not silly to me! I've even bought dust bags off eBay.
  3. How much are you paying??
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  4. Thanks! Lol, but looks like everyone on tpf thinks it’s silly. I’m still more on the side of buying a box though...
  5. No more than 50 ish, Or is that too much?
  6. I think it’s fine if that’s what you want to do. I have an empty chanel box from a return (long story short - it was just supposed to be repaired but it was irreparable and defective so that’s why I still have box) maybe I’ll sell it if it’s worth $50 but no $50 isn’t much to pay for happiness. Just do what you want who cares if it’s silly to some. It seems to make you happy.
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  7. No not a silly buy. I am OCD so I love boxes to keep things neat!
  8. When i was buying my first Chanel this year i looked for one with a box, was v hard as i looking for vintage flap. Turns out a vintage box smells old and musty and didnt even close as the side seam glue didnt stick anymore. I researched and discovered white vinegar and sunlight will remove the smell and kills the mould growing in the spots. I scraped off the old glue, make the box flat and used vinegar on a sponge and wiped down the entire inside and dried in the sun. Did this a 2-3 times and now smell gone. I reglued the side with clear araldite from hardware store. Was great to remove the old dried up tape someone had placed. Just letting you know in case you cant get a newer box.
  9. Of course it's not silly. It's called buying little happiness and it is well validated.
    Some people buy the camelia flower and ribbon too. :smile:
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