A shout out to my Dad...4 ladies in his life having problems...

  1. hey all -

    I know my Dad doesn't read or post here ;) but I just needed to share how much of a rock he has been and thank him for all his support. Believe me, he knows this! :yes:

    My Dad is amazing: 66 and retired, in good health, cancer survivor, you name it :yahoo:. After talking with him tonight he shared how he's feeling and working so hard to support the 4 main ladies in his life:

    - his wife (my Mom) who had major surgery a couple weeks ago but is a champ and will pull through. Still, it's a long healing process

    - his daughter (me) who is dealing with personal stress with BF break up + recent job downturns which are so bad I'm probably going to break my contract and quit soon. [yeah, it's that bad]

    - his Mom (my grandmother) who is a trooper at 91 and dealing with some health problems. He's there for her every step of the way taking her to dr appts, etc.

    - his DIL (my SIL) who is dealing with the aftermath of her brother's separation from his wife. (2 kids under age 6 also). Extremely painful for my bro and SIL...that's their immediate family in crisis!

    I don't know how my Dad does it. All I can say is June has been a pretty sh*tty month for my family but we are survivors and will pull through :wlae:

    thanks for the ramble and rant opportunity :heart:
  2. Pursegrrl, I'm sorry for all the stress you're going through, hope that job situation improves, you sound so together and capable, I'm sure something will turn up..

    Know nothing I say will help with your break-up, but at least it's just you and him (no kids..), sorry, this isn't helping much..you're dad sounds lovely, give him a big hug from us here at Tpf for being such a supportive, kind man!:heart:
  3. thank you so much, Maggie! Your support means the world to me. Huge hugs XXXOO
  4. WOW definitely sending lots of positive vibes to your dad for being so strong and there for everyone!!

    I'm so sorry tohear all the health issues in your family but it sounds like everyone is a troper and doing well which is the next best thing to not having the health issues. I hope everyone recovers soon and does well!!

    and can i just say that it sounds very nice of you guys to be concerned and supportive of your ex SIL.... i have seen alot of families where they treat the ex IL like trash and make them an emotional wreck so the family and son/daughter can get sole custody of the kids and brain wash the kid... etc etc

    last but not least, big hugs to you. I know breakups are tough. sob sob. but hang in there, the pain will fade with time. As for work, sigh, work pains are really tough for me coss they're such a huge part of my life. how long more before your contract ends?? Can you go into survival mode and just do what you need to do to finsih your contract and keep yourself sane?

    *BIG HUGS*
  5. Hang in there girl, June has been a strange month. Weird astrological alignments... (I'm not joking) :wacko:
  6. Your dad sounds like a great guy! Keep your chin up too, everything else will work out and fall into place *hugs*
  7. Let's all just be happy June is almost over with. ;)

    I'm sorry you and your family are struggling with so much. Hang in there! It's great that you have such a wonderful father who can be there for everyone this way.
  8. Pursegrll, so sorry you are having so many problems in your family. I so hope all will be better soon.
    Fabulous that you have such a great dad to support you & so nice for you to salute him here.
    I would have given anything to have my dad through the hard times but he is in a better place & watching over me I am sure.
    Hugs to you :heart:
  9. Your Dad sounds like a rock! You're very fortunate. I am sooo sorry to hear you're having a rough time right now. Things do get better as I am sure you know. Keep your chin up and lean on your Dad when you need to, that's what he's there for!

    (I have to say--I'm actually quite upset to learn you and your BF have split up. I really mean it when I say I'll be thinking of you and wishing you all the best as you go through this difficult time.)