a SHOUT OUT to all the groovy guys.....

  1. At the top of this heap has to be Vlad for starting this Blog for his beloved Megs.
    But I gotta say, my DH sooooo understands and has been so supportive of this blog, that he gets my vote as number 2! He has the collector mentality of expensive crap. He totally gets it. He loves my bags and has a couple of his own.
    Who else can shout out to their SO?
  2. eh..nope..not me..Mine is a PHH ..its hopeless..ROFLMAO!!

    But we all LOVE VLAD....where would we be if he hadnt created the PF for Megs!!!
  3. My SO has NO IDEA I am on this forum. Mostly because I need Relationship Christine and Handbag Christine to remain two separate entities. Cannot have a world collision on this one. :p

    p.s - good job Vlad!!
  4. 3 cheers for Megs for inspiring Vlad, and another 3 cheers for Vlad for actually creating tPF!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. Shout out to my BF who has not been on tPF but understands my love of this community and my bag obsession. He even talks about bag 'equivalents' when we are talking about $$ for bills, home projects, etc. Ever since he thought my LV Saleya was a Fendi and found out how much I paid for it, he knows. AND...shhh don't tell he's going to get his first LV for valentines...an incredible TIE my fellow Seattle tpf'er elizabethk picked out for him when she and I went to LV last weekend! Yay!!
  6. Pgal you gotta bring your bad blonde self out for this socal meet n greet!
  7. Shoo, I'll be there as long as I don't have to fly my sorry white booty to Ft. lauderdale and/or Nashville in March for work! :supacool: I've got lowlights goin' on, baby, so I'm not brunette by any means but always a blonde in spirit and in doings :wlae:
  8. I just wanted to give a shout out to Charles... he rocks!!!
  9. Well, my DH is very understanding and supportive of my bag addiction. He is actually proud that he can support my habit, I think. Of course, he doesn't like it if I go overboard... but...he was all for me ordering my very first Hermes Kelly bag (which will be ordered in the Feb. order) and he says I deserve it....even if I think I don't.
  10. shoutout to my bf who buys me purses and shoes wooooooooo

    and is hot and sexy and humps good wooooooo
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. Lol - I'm with Jill on the PHH front. But a shoutout to Vlads and all you lovely ladies with Bag-supportin' SO's! Rock on.
  13. PS - Charles, you are cooler than a fridge full of fonzies. Eyyyyyyyyyyy!
  14. :wlae: ITA!

    And may I please give a shout-out to my DH who bought me my first Chanel even tho he totally does not "get" it, and who always asks me how "the Pursegirls" are doing.
  15. Oh yeah woot woooooooot gotta love that with the BF.

    Charles, you rock too!!