A Shout Out to All the Curvy Gals

  1. Hi ladies, I was perusing this thread and noting that so many of us are interested in trying to get in shape and lose weight. And while I am trying to get in better shape as well, and completely advocate a healthly lifestyle, I thought I'd give a shout out to those, like myself, are curvy ladies. I'm a tall size 12, and as much as I agonize over my thick thighs and less than svelte arms (it's the arms that really kill me), there are also times when I look in the mirror and love my curves. So for all of y'all out there who are sweating your shape in a thin-obsessed society, I wanted to give you a little complement on being curvy and fabulous (and healthy at the same time!).

    PS: I find that men can appreciate it too - every time I talk about wanting to be a size 6 in front of my boyfriend, he looks at me, horrified, and says: "NO! The boobs, I'll miss the boobs!!' :roflmfao:
  2. Heh, I'm a not-very-tall size 12 (12 M) myself. I don't love the thighs and the upper arms, but the boobs are all mine!

    I was just reading a book called "Size 12 is Not Fat" by Meg Cabot and SO was laughing at me.
  3. I love that book! :nuts:

    Great thread, vanojr :nuts: I think more women need to realize that being a twig or looking like a bobblehead doll is :yucky: Most women are not built that way. We're built to have curves, to be feminine. I know the bf likes having something to hang on to :graucho: I could bench press Nicole Richie :p

    I posted in another thread that I have finally accepted that I will never (never, I repeat) be a size four, or a two, or anything like that. I wear an eight, sometimes a six. But do I care? Nah. I have curves, I have a big butt and I've got muscles :biguns: I now appreciate my body for what it can do instead of obsessing over what size pants I fit into or what the scale says :rolleyes:
  4. GREAT thread!!!!!!

    Women forget that we are supposed to be curvy. My curves are my love handles- what is a better more accepting name for them???! :p Vlad LOVES them... and I always thought he was kidding, but he really does- and I am learning to love them too!
  5. i'm a size 14-16, and at my largest was a size 22. I'd like to be a 10-12, but i really wouldn't want to be smaller than that - i LOVE my boobs (as do the various men in my life) and would never want to lose them in pursuit of someone ELSE'S idea of beauty. that's just not me. i have broad shoulders and kind of a barrel chest for a girl - i don't think my bones are physically small enough for me to ever go below a 36 bra size.

    as such, i'd look sickly at a much larger size than most girls, and i've come to accept that and play up my best physical assets in the past year. i'd like to lose the extra weight, but a size 6 is just NOT in the cards for me, and i'm absolutely ok with that.
  6. I'm a size 10-14 depending on whether I'm buying for the top, the bottom or both! I've been as thin as a 101 pound size 4 and as *cough* loveable as a large size 14 150 pounds(I had a 40 pound baby. :greengrin: )

    I'd like to be 115-120 again, but at almost 52 it's just too much to worry about. As long as I'm at a healthy size for my frame (size 12 and 130-140 give or take), I can live with it.

    And DH likes my curves too! :love:
  7. You know, most people wouldn't think I was struggling with my weight and curves, but I really do. I'm about 5'4" and weigh approx. 135 lbs. At 51 years old, I don't have much body fat (that I can see, anyway), but I do have curves...I always have.

    I'm very wide and stocky. I exercise like a maniac (always have) and eat a very healthy diet. I get discouraged around my friends (all dancers), but when I get away from the studio and into a more realistic environment I don't feel bad about myself at all.

    I find myself wishing I could have a flat stomach and a less prominent rear end, but I can't. It's just the way I'm made.
  8. that's what so interesting to me - i'm average height (5'5-5'6, depending on the day, lol) and a 14-16, but i weigh about 190.

    just goes to show you, size means VERY little, and so does weight! it should be about how you feel and how healthy you are, because a size 14 or 150 pounds looks completely and totally different on different body types.

  9. So true..:yes:
  10. Finally a happy post for us girls that have curves....it seems like I am always the biggest girl at the gym (I'm 12-14) but I hold my head up high and work it!!!!!!
  11. Yeah....I'm a size 8...omg, I can't believe I just told you that!!! I usually get embarrassed when I am at the store and the size on the clothes I am trying on is visable....anyway...I weigh about 125, and I HATE IT!!!! I just hate my tummy...I don't mind having a butt (neither does FI:graucho: ), but I just wish my arms weren't so pudgy and my belly was a little flatter, but ah...don't we all....I am working on it, but it doesn't help that I am always hungry....lol

    Love this thread btw....

  12. Go you!!!!! I admire when someone is comfortable in their own skin...I def. need to work on just being comfy bein' me!!!:p
  13. Lol same here.
    My bf tells me he loves my body but erm..I don't. I can't stand my hips. I feel huge sometimes and today was one of those days.
  14. You also have to factor your body frame into the picture, Amanda. I'm pretty small boned. Oh, I'm 5'4" by the way, forgot to mention that.

    I'm a size 6 ring, barely a size 7 inch bracelet. I also have a weird build in that I have a long torso, but relative to my torso, short limbs. Shopping for jackets and pants are a nightmare! I really need a regular size 12 pant for the torso, but those are too long so I go with petite sizing which works in the length, but the rise rarely is right. Jackets and long sleeves? OMG! I need a petite because of my arms, but a regular through the bust (did I mention I'm a 38 C+ ???). Dresses? I need a 14 to accommodate my "ample cleavage", but it's too big everywhere else (not too many dresses in my closet!). Then there are my violinist's biceps which make slim fit sleeves a nightmare! People don't realize how buff the upper body of a violin/viola player is!

    Anyhoo, it all boils down to the simple fact that we are individuals. I think it's totally cool that there is literally not ONE SINGLE PERSON on this planet like me. THAT is what we all need to embrace. Not some idiotic dress size. :yahoo:
  15. That's so true. Some of us are made sort of roundish, others tall and willowy, long graceful fingers and toes, or short little ones, etc. But, oh, what I wouldnt give to look good in a pair of jeans with my shirt tucked in.;)