A shot out to all understanding husbands...

  1. :heart:I just wanted to give a shot out to the understanding husbands and significant others of those with a purse "obsession", the "Vlads" of the world if you will. lol My husand, in particular, is so sweet about it. He doesn't judge me or belittle my love for purses. He's so cute too, because he protects them and even gets mad with me when one gets a mark or stain. And he notices when I carry a special bag for an outing or something, cause he'll say something like, "whoa, to what do we owe this surprise?" Or he'll point and belt out "a light from heaven and angels singing" sound when I take out a favorite. lol The other day we went to a restaurant with some family and when I didn't have anywhere to set down my new LV Stratus, he took it to the car and then moved the car so it was in our view from the table. And his family is thinking, "Is he crazy...or just whipped?" lol!!! And yes, sometimes he will even ask, "What bag are you going to use for that?" My friends and family call him my "enabler", but I just call him my hero! lol:heart: (By the way, this is my very Italian, macho macho, motorcycle riding husband we are taking about. lol)

    Anyhow, tell us about YOUR understanding DH or SO. :smile:
  2. WOW! Your dh is a prince!
    My hubby will just say something like, "New bag? It's nice". Nothing at all like yours!
  3. youve got one cool dh!! :-]]
  4. I just went bag shopping with the gf a week ago, trying to track down this bag she saw on a girl's arm.
    Damn, I'm a good bf!!
  5. You've got a great man by your side. HOLD on to this one really tightly ;).
  6. I forgot about you, Charles. You ARE one of those special ones!!! :smile:
  7. Thanks!! He's a sweetie. I can look at him from across the room and my heart still skips a beat...even after 7 years. :heart:
  8. My husband doesn't understand my love for bags but if it makes me happy he is fine with it...
    He will never go this far but I have gotten the occasional gift certificate to buy a new bag and a few gifts from the coach outlets. I am a lucky gal too.
  9. My DH is the exact same way...I am a very lucky girl, and so are you! I recognize his "obsessions" too, and we compliment each other very well in that regards!
  10. My husband isnt that understanding...but he has his moments...

    Like when I totally need that next bag...he gives in. He keeps the family members at bay about my bag obsession. I can count on him always.....:heart:
  11. Mine just wants me to have whatever makes me happy. He knows why I love designer and hate fakes and supports that.:heart:
  12. That's true, Sunny. I get HIS obsessions too. =)
  13. That's a good man who will keep family in check. lol!!!
  14. That is so sweet! I hear about the poor ladies who have to hide their purchases, and thank my lucky stars that I don't have to. Then again, my husband will also be the first to let me know when my spending is a bit overboard. And I totally respect that, since he's quite tolerant. lol
  15. How cute!

    I could replace my handbag with a trash bag and my BF won't notice!