A shot of Whiskey and some Dark Chocolate!

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  1. Knew that would get you to look! Here's my PCE purchases:

    1. Leigh in Whiskey.
    Didn't like this bag on the website, then yesterday after getting my hair done, walked back to the car, just had to go through Nordies, and saw it...OMG! Thank goodness for PCE.
    2. Ergo Tote in Chocolate Leather.
    LOVE THIS ONE! Legacy lining...buttery soft feel. Tried the belted one, but the 'belt clip' hit my inner arm in a bad spot. So, this one is perfect.
    3. Gallery Tote in Black Signature. Better structure to the bottom of the bag, a silky light blue lining to die for! All around good bag.
    4. Black/Black Ergo Wristlet to go with gallery tote and black sig ergo hobo, tons of other bags!
    5. "Gemini" charm for DD's school bag.

    All this, and I FORGOT to get the apple keyfob, flap wristlet and skull keychain (which is now GONE from the website!).
    OOPS, guess I have to go back again!:graucho:

    Here's pics:
    whiskeyleigh.JPG chocergo.JPG gallerytote.JPG gallerytote2.JPG septpce3.JPG
  2. Here's a modeling pic:

  3. Fabulous!!!! Great show!!!!! ;) Whiskey & Chocolate? Why not!
  4. Wow, you've got some great buys there. Love the whiskey and the chocolate tote looks yummy. Congrats.
  5. Congratulations! :yahoo: That is some seriously pretty leather! It's so beautiful....
  6. WOW! You had an amazing shopping day, if I do say so myself! Everything is gorgeous, Congrats! I am loving the Gallery Tote with its blue lining.....:drool:
  7. Definitely in the running for "thread title of the year"!!

    Great buys!!
  8. That bag is so cool!! I'm trying to decide which bag to get, I'm going to have to see if all of my stuff fits in the Leigh!
  9. Love everything, especially the Ergo...I want that one so much! :tup:
  10. Wow! Nice haul. Great pics too. :tup:
  11. Thanks....I amused myself with that one :yes:
  12. I crammed all my stuff into it and it holds a lot! I had with me a large wallet, keys, phone, makeup bag and small agenda. It doesn't feel as heavy as the other legacy bags either!
  13. VERY nice.:tup::heart:
  14. Mmm....sounds good to me!!!! I don't know where to start! All of your new buys are absolutely gorgeous!!! I think you've covered all styles and colors needed....;) Jeesh, aren't we lucky!!! Congrats!
  15. Wow! Those are some seriously gorgeous bags! I think the chocolate ergo is really beautiful, and it's such a lightweight bag. Have fun taking 'em all out!