A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

  1. If New York is just too prim and proper for you, just another one of those prissy, boring Tara Reid types that attracts only prissy and boring guys, when what you really want to see is a whole mess of skanky ho-bags n' manskanks, then Tila Tequila promises to be the show for you!

    Tila has more Authentic Skankhood than a dozen New Yorks giving lap dances to two dozen Tara Reids - and the contenders for her hand and heart give every indication of making all those strait-laced Rock of Love debutantes look positively Donnamartinesque - which reminds me, Tila's show features two contestants who claim to be virgins!

    And if Marcus (not one of the virgins) looks just a smoosh familiar, that's because he IS! Trash TV lovers will remember him as The Model Janice Couldn't Tame. He's lost a lot of weight (you may remember he did slip into the restroom to "freshen up" sometimes, in that special way some models are wont to do) and plays a very different character in this reality show, but it is definitely Marcus. Who almost gets into a fight with the redneck dude who is NOT the same redneck dude in this season's Real World, though he could certainly play him on TV.

    The only other familiar face that stuck out at me in the first episode was Melanie Griffith. Oh wait. It wasn't really Melanie, just another butterface that could play her on TV, in case there should ever be a need for such a thing, but she was wisely immediately eliminated by Tila right off the bat, for being a butterface.

    And there is a firefighter who managed to find a pair of mint condition 1970s white some kind of foam loafers, who deserves all props for that feat. Maybe next week she'll rock the lime green leisure suit they were originally made to be worn with.

    Starting next week, all the contestants will move into Tila's house, where they will all sleep in one big bed. And it is one big-ass bed. Except Tila. Although this has not been specifically stated, I don't think the insurance dudes would sign off on Tila sharing a bed with that many manskanks n' skanky ho-bags. They have really tightened up ever since that season of America's Next Top Model when one of them got impetigo, and they had separate beds.
  2. On a more serious note, Marcus is active in Hollywood Cure for Pain, for which he deserves props, as does the org, Here's a link to their website for those interested.

  3. Well I don't think Ms Cuervo will actually find love. I mean, she's been on myspace forever and has millions of "friends" and never hooked up or sought love that way?? I bet she is better than Micky D's with how many have been served! Where does one find a bed that big? And sheets! I can't imagine going into Tar-jay looking for them.
  4. I'm going to watch although I think this is another scripted reality show. Tila keeps the redneck even though she says he's not her type...
    He's going to make it interesting so I'm sure the producers told her to keep him.

    What's her claim to fame? Was she on myspace and became famous for that??
  5. I think she started as an import model for cars and worked her way up from there. She's pretty cute, but I don't think she's special enough to get her own show on MTV. I guess they'll sign anyone for ratings...?
  6. She was discovered at a mall. From there she did modeling. Nude modeling actually. I knew of her from way back when she didn't have any tattoos. Now I think she's trashy looking for a 'model'. She is also a singer now and of course #1 Myspace person. I used to think she was cute when she was fresh, but I don't think she deserves her own show on MTV. I watched her first episode and man...:tdown:

    She has really bad acting skills. Some of those guys and girls are... :confused1:
  7. They had all better get coached up, Marcus is one of the best trashumentary actors in the business.

    In this show, he plays an airhead homophobe with a laugh that sounds like that lady who imitates dolphins that was on the Posh Spice show - quite a shift from the Model With Attitude he played on Janice Dickinson. This dude has got range!
  8. This show is so trashy. The contestants are even trashier than the girls from Rock of Love. I just can't help but watch. I caught the first episode and I hope she picks one of the girls because all the guys make me think of frat boys. They're so obnoxious and all they do is fight. It's very entertaining TV. The preview for the season looked interesting too. I can't wait to see the fights between the lesbians and straight guys.
  9. I never liked Tila even on myspace. Why can't MTV show better things..such as..music videos?
  10. ^^I agree. Is there ever any music on MTV?
  11. I bet she has more STI's than brain cells. She barely sounds over the age of 15 on her blogs.
  12. How old is Tila? Plus what kind of eyeliner does she use? She cries and it doesn't run.
  13. Hubby and I watched the first and second episode last night. DH just shook his head alot of times and looked at me, probably thinking "there goes my wife again watching crappy reality shows" LOL! I have to admit, I'm a sucker for those kind of shows.
  14. I'm just like you. Bf and I were watching the second episode lastnight while flipping channels. We were both like, OMG it's a new one go back go back! lol. Even though these types of shows are sooo pointless, it just draws you in. Doesn't it? You just can't help but watch.

    I didn't think they'd cut Marcus, I was shocked. Everytime I heard his laugh, man I just couldn't refrain from laughing myself. :roflmfao:

  15. I believe she is 27 or 28. You can message her on myspace and ask. lol. Don't know if she'll respond, but it's worth a try.