A Short STORY ...

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  1. You ever notice that when you're not looking for something, you always get lucky and find something awesome!?!? Well, DH and I went to H on Madison Ave today (a diversion on the way to the new men's store). Went upstairs and saw these beauties! Thanks to DH for the use of the Amex! :yahoo:

  2. oooooooo!!! Open, pls!
  3. Can't wait to see!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Bring it on :biggrin:!
  6. not too fast girls :winkiss:

  7. Open it!!! :lolots::woohoo:
  8. patience is a virtue hee hee hee

  9. please open it :woohoo:
  10. I'm here, too
  11. :whistle:
  12. :couch::popcorn:
  13. :nuts:
  14. :popcorn: Anyone
  15. lemme show a little leg before giving you the FULL MONTY!