a short girl, her dog and her weekender

  1. here is a pic. not a great shot of my pup though -- i think the big bag scared her. mine does not have as much slouch as some of esile's and chassure's -- i think because it is s/s '06.
    weekender 002 (Small).jpg
  2. that's a great color! it looks great on you! <i love big bags!!!
  3. thanks! this is definitely only a travel bag for me but i posted it to give a sense of size. i have asked mimi to move it to the other thread (about wearing bbags). i like the color but am not a huge fan of the s/s '06 leather.
  4. haha, i love the title of this thread! WOW!
  5. ^ me too. so cute; it's like a story!
  6. I agree on the gorgeous color! What exact color is it, sorry I'm new to b-bags and I'm trying to learn..hehe
  7. Girl, it really looks greaaaat on you!!!!!!! You look gorgeous!!!!!! :love:
  8. the color is cognac.

    maybe i need to make it a story:

    one day, chigirl was minding her business when a big bag bully named esile emailed her and told her she knew of a great deal on a big bag and that she should get it. esile knew that chigirl didn't like big bags but told her that she should get it anyway. since chigirl was scared of esile, she succumbed to peer pressure and bought it. then mean girl esile decided to call her out on a thread chigirl started about the insanity of big bags and chigirl was forced to disclose that she too was the owner of a big bag. since then, big red bag girls like chassure have suggested that chigirl is a hidden big bag lover.

    chigirl's dog is now traumatized as is chigirl.

    the end.
  9. chi, i love that it looks HUGE in you :P
    congrats on the bag :yahoo:
  10. hahaha, love the story! is esile going to be paying for you (and your dog's) shrink bills?
    anywhy love it, love it, love it! looks like it will be an awesome travel bag and the color is very pretty too!
  11. LOL love that story!:lol: :roflmfao: That bag looks great on you! :love: Congrats!
  12. the bag looks great!
  13. lol! nice story! and that bag looks great on you~

    yay for short(er) girls and big bags!!
  14. :lol: :love: :lol: :love:
  15. disclaimer: big bags can be hazardous to you and your dog's health. i do not condone the use of big bags, especially on small women. proceed with caution.