A shopping question...

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  1. Hi!

    I have been a die hard fan of Chanel for a while and I do have two birkins but were all presents from my relatives so I am not so familiar with Hermes...

    I have been watching carefully for an Evelyne for quite sometime and would love to get it. But my question is if the evelyenes are as hard to get as the birkins? I always go to my local Neiman Marcus Hermes boutiques and see bunch of bolide, bombay, and lindy. I have never seen an Evelyne sitting on display.

    So, could help out a newbie? :sweatdrop:
  2. At H stores they are readily available and are super bags.
  3. you will love the evelyne!
  4. They do not display everything they have. Evelyne's are very accessible. Just inquire at your H.
  5. Emp300, you can always ask your boutique to search for one for you, if they don't have one you want. They're wonderful about seaching.

    Good luck!

  6. That is a great bag to ask the SA's about! No need to be cautious (like we recommend with Birkin enquiries). They should have many choices for you in the back to choose from!! GL!
  7. Good luck! I am sure you will find a nice one!
  8. Wow, I did not know that they could be easily found! Thanks to all of you guys! :heart:

    So, is it possible for me to choose any leather, size, or color? How long would it take if I am ordering from another location?

    Also, I was wondering about the Jypserie bag. Is this one hard to get? I mainly wanted to use either of the bag for traveling...Once again thanks alot!
  9. Jypsieres are easily found as well, but certainly not as easy as the Evelyne. If you want a certain leather color and hardware combo, just inquire with your SA. Sometimes they can get the bag in just for a look first, other times, they have to charge the bag to you. It all depends upon the other boutique that they are working with.