A Shoe Dilemma - Oxford Patent Leather Flats pls HELP!!!

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  1. hello to all!!

    i posted a few months back, sad that i couldn't find the Monte Carlo Loafers or Ballerina Flats in my size - http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/the-shoes-that-will-never-be-mine-334645.htm)

    now, i chanced upon these lovely black oxford patent leather flats, and took them home with me.. the big BUT is -- i've been bothered for a few nights thinking if this is a good and sensible purchase..


    i am worried that since it is patent (maybe this is vernis material?), that these shoes would only last me a year with use.. it worries me as well that the leather may crack due to wear, since im not sure it will flex well while walking.. i haven't read any stories yet regarding the quality of LV shoes, and this is a first LV footwear purchase for me as well.

    my dear BF always tells me to use my mind over my heart in making my purchases, and my mind tells me to return them and exchange them for something else maybe a bag or a SLG.. but my heart, of course!!!, says that I should keep them.

    i have always been a ferragamo/tory burch shoe kind of girl btw.. and he also tells me to stick with SF or TB for shoes.. and LV for bags..

    IT IS A BEAUTY IN BLACK "VERNIS"!!! :graucho: (when light hits it it sort of looks like the bleu nuit, but i think this shoe is actually released in Bleu Nuit acdg to the website).. the shoe cost me Php 30,900 (about US$650) which could very well be equivalent to another speedy or bag.

    what do you guys think? im going to the store tomorrow to make the exchange and will take tonight to contemplate the pros and cons of these shoes.. also while reading your feedback. i know it seems like i have decided to let them go but i don't want to have any regrets. PLEASE HELP! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  2. I can't answer your questions with regards to the patent leather but I can understand your concerns.
    I have 2 pair of LV loafers; the mocha and the matte black leather. I have had them for 8 and 10 months. I have had no problems with quality except the inner soles are a shiny gold material. The gold in the mocha pair turned white in the toe area. The sales person told me that can happen if your feet sweat!! This hasn't happened with the black pair.
    One warning: My shoes are very slippery on a wet tiled floor!! So walk very carefully if you decide to keep them.
    I honestly don't think I would buy the patent leather for the exact concerns you have. I want a pair of the pink suede loafers. Maybe when I go to San Juan in December?:thinking:
  3. i don't know about LV patent leather, but i have a pair of chanel patent leather pumps and i'm scared to scratch them..... i also have a pair of target brand patent leather pumps and those are scratched up pretty bad (i've had them for probably 3 years.. lots of clubbing involved :P). but if you're going to use the lv oxford patent leather flats as everyday shoes.... well, personally i wouldn't use them as everyday shoes. i'd use them only on special occasions. i do love shoes and having just one lv pair would complete my life.... :] i say keep them! you don't see many people wearing lv shoes anyway, but you see everyone with a lv bag.
  4. Beautiful shoes! I don't personally own them so I don't have any advice to offer. But, if you are on the fence about them, I'd probably return them. Ask yourself, will you be able to enjoy wearing them or will you worry every time you wear them that they will get scuffed?

    I just bought the suede loafer in black on Saturday, I looked at the patent leather ones, but opted for the suede loafers instead. I like to look long term when choosing LV, so I wasn't sure if those would be a pair of shoes I would even want to wear 2 or 3 years down the road.

    You could always return them, think about it some more, then if you decide you really want them, re-buy them! LOL I know that sounds like a pain but at least you will be really sure how you feel about them!
    GL deciding!