A shoe addict's little Loubie+ collection

  1. Beautiful collection, congrats!!:smile:
  2. Beautiful collection and you can wear them with everything!! So envious of the cramberry!!!
  3. The color on these are amazing! I would love to find something for myself! Beautiful collection you have---very classic.
  4. Love all your simples n Ron rons !!!
  5. Great collection! The Tenues are gorgy!!!
  6. Beautiful collection!

    Maybe you can send your Nude Simples and black RonRons to MM7 in Paris to replace dirty insoles?
    They look so good outside, I think it's a bit too early to give up on those babies!:love:
  7. Great collection! I love that you get so much use out of your shoes!
    Uh-oh I'm kind of worried to hear that the Ron Rons are uncomfortable... I thought they would be comfortable because they are only 100mm :-s
  8. congrats! You have a gorgeous classic collection!
  9. Love your collection!
  10. lovely collection, everything's beautiful :biggrin:
  11. thanks 9distelle!

    thanks beagly! yep, the cranberry is stunning in real life.

    thanks dbeth! yep, classic and practical ... that's little old me ;)

    hi samina! thanks mate - how are your Rons going??

    thanks nolia - they're outta control :biggrin:

    thanks daria, good idea but i think the photos are kinder than real life, those pairs really have one foot in the grave :p

    hey fumi, yeah the ones I wear to work get worn to death but some of the others are yet to be even christened. you might be fine with the Rons though, might just be only silly old me with the problem.

    thanks dirty!

    thanks lizzie!

    thanks lv4eva!
  12. Beautiful collection!!! The VP with gold tip is stunning!!
  13. I wish the shoes in my avatar pic were mine! The pic is of the strass display at Barneys :p
  14. Oh my goodness.. HOW GORGEOUS. Quick: which one do you bring to a deserted island? Ooh, and which one do you wear the most often?
  15. Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection. They are all very beautiful!