A Shocking Revelation

  1. For several months now, I honestly thought I was done. Apart from a couple of SO's, which haven't been picked up yet, I was content with the bags I have. I had the colors and the sizes to see me through my everyday, and even non-everyday, existence. Scarves I've always thought I could never have enough of (and I still think that's true), but as far as bags were concerned, I wanted not.

    But a while back when by chance I ducked into Hermes to kill time while avoiding a rainshower (as you do), and my SA casually unwrapped this bag before me all asceticism and resolve went right out the window. That was how this 25 sellier kelly was so speedily adopted.


    Now, I have never considered myself a tiny bag person (although I fell hard for a lizard kelly mini - a wardrobe necessity, I swear!), I've also tried time and again to like fuschia. The girlie part of me wants to like fuschia. And normally I do. Just not in bags. In the past I'd tried my luck with fuschia 32 and 28 chevre kellys, but there was always something wrong - not that they weren't lovely. They were. They just weren't for me. Too bubblegum, perhaps? Or maybe on me, the 28s and 32s in fuschia were still too big for such a bright pop of color. Or maybe I'd just developed an aversion to pink.

    Until I saw this, and fell in love. :heart::heart::heart: It was the first fuschia kelly I'd seen that was the perfect size and the perfect color - and that was because it wasn't fuschia at all. It was Rose Shocking chevre mysore.

    So here she is once more from this evening before an early drinks. I love how a flash of color adds cheer to a dark office wardrobe.

  2. wow it's amazingly beautiful. great choice. chevre makes some colors just breathtaking.
  3. Congratulations!!!
    I adore this bag - perfect style, size, leather for this fabulous explosion of color.
    It looks fantastic on you!
  4. What a beautiful color! That size looks perfect on you. :smile:
  5. absolutely beautiful! I love it in this size and color!
  6. OMG!!
    Your new fushia Kelly is stunning. i can see why you had to have it :drool::drool: so so cute
  7. I love it!
  8. gina - what a perfect bag! looks fab on you! so now, where are those special orders of yours?
  9. The bag looks great on you!!!!! It really is beautiful!:heart:
  10. STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love it and I am glad you find your beautiful pink bag. Wear it in good health!!!
  11. :nuts:WOW, gina! That is absolutely GORGEOUS!! No wonder she had to be yours. Congrats!
  12. I love it. It is beautiful. It looks fantastic on you!!! Congrats.
  13. Dear Ms. Gina:

    Oh, you are a BAD influence.... First there was a talk about the 25cm birkin and how your GORGEOUS 25cm Kelly.... OH this is going to start another TREND...........

    THIS IS DIVINE and I just :drool::drool::drool: BIG TIME!!!

    I LOVE pink TOO... Was Hello Kitty Crazy AGES ago...
  14. so cute so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. OH, ginaB, it is fabulous for you! I can hear the ding ding ding all the way over here!!!

    Congratulations and what a fabulous way to spend a rain shower, LOL!!!