A Shocking and Very Important Book

  1. I just finished "Field Notes from a Catastrophe" by Elizabeth Kolbert. The author describes some of the actual evidence of global warming : the melting of glaciers, the extinction of species, the actual warming of the climate (it was warmer this year than it has been since 420,000 years ago) and explains why the changes are irreversible and are increasing in momentum with every passing year. Even if you already understand the "greenhouse effect" and believe that climate change is occurring, this book will shock you. "Field Notes" is a compact book, well written, compelling. I wish everyone would read it because the kind of initiatives required even to slightly slow the progress of global warming will require massive grass roots support. If you have any free time to do some reading of your own choice, I hope you will have a look at this.
  2. Thanks for posting this, I too am very eco-aware though like many of us, not as perfectly observant of CO2 minimisation as I could be. :sad:

    I took a vow 4 years ago to not own a car and make do w/public transport, and I no longer fly anywhere.

    I hope this planet can make it, and I hope that the reported increase in cranial ability ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4643312.stm ) in the last 650 years means we're evolving to a point where we can clear up our own messes. :idea:

    I refuse to believe we're doomed, A. because I've seen "Name of the Rose" and B. because, we've been doomed before.... :noworry:

  3. i think i might take a look at this one. it seems very interesting.
  4. Thanks for the recommendation!
  5. Great recommendation !! Thanks for posting.
  6. Thanks for the rec. Sounds very interesting.
  7. Thanks!

    Al Gore just wrote another tome about the coming period of climate upheaval. I think this month's National Geographic (I know, I know) has the predictions of 'new' coastlines given a 3 foot rise in sea levels combined by a Category 3 hurricane (to drive the storm surge past whatever barriers exist along lakefronts). Basically, it's not good news.

    BTW, it seems that at the peak of the LAST episode of global warming (which may have been less dramatic that the one we're cooking up now) sea levels rose 20 feet! That would stop economic transactions and move us back to the hunter-gather stage.

    Ladies, buy your handbags now and store them on high ground!
  8. Thanks for pointing to this book! I was just reading about this topic in Time or Newsweek and it's so scarry. Sadly though, it makes sense since we've been totally abusing the environment and the animals in it for so long. We really do need to be gentler to the world around us.

    Chandi that's amazing that you've given up having a car!! I'm very involved in environmental/animal rights causes...but I have to confess that I still drive quite a bit. You are truly "walking the walk":smile:
  9. Sounds interesting, but I don't believe in global warming. :smile:
  10. Dani,

    The Bush Administration needs a Press Secretary! This could be your lucky day ;)
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