A Shocked Scarf Returns Home

  1. Well, I thought this would be funny to share.

    Last week it was time to move my 89 year old mom from a small northern calif hick town back to southern calif where she belongs...

    This is the main street of the hick town where she mistakenly moved to two years ago. I could make the picture bigger, but why...???


    Due to circumstances beyond my control this adventure in moving was organized by my older slightly crazy sister.

    So, instead of involving a well staffed professional moving company, it involved this....


    The U-Haul 26 ft super mover. :wtf:

    I kid you not.


    Well, there was nothing to do but do it....so I flew to southern california to meet up with my brother, and start out the next morning on the 9 hour drive to Moms house.

    I realized before I left home that this was not a trip for Hermes.

    It was barely a trip for CobaltBlu.

    But I did take my trusty Au Dela des Cinq Mers scarf (Lawrence Bourthomieux (Toutsy), 1988) ....because it was a very inexpensive purchase on eBay, doesnt exactly "fit" into my collection, and has become a real grab and go carré. Plus, I love me some tall ships.....

    It's the one I lend my DD to wear as a belt with jeans, etc....

    So, I was outfitted thus.


    This is the large Longchamps Pliage tote. I love this bag....:love:

    Next, I reveal the contents, and how it went downhill for my poor longsuffering carré....
    LP packed.JPG
  2. I love Lonchamps pliages too!

    What happened to the scarf:wtf:
  3. The U-Haul 26 ft super mover........???
    Ohhhh my.:sad:
  4. Uh-oh.
  5. OK, I have been getting error messages, but maybe this will work now. I had to get to the PF via the blog....odd....

    Anyway, I packed up the Longchamps LP with my chameleon heavy duty insert, and a few choice small leather goods.....This was the first trip for the barenia cardcase on the top left, which is an unusual piece that handily stores credit cards and receipts and such....


    Let me digress to say that the Karo PM is a great travelling companion on the plane. I kept it in the seatback, with the travel essentials....



    As you can see, the Karo can hold quite a lot, she had plenty of room to spare. I also believe that it is very calming on a turbulent flight to have a pretty Karo handy:love:
    karo contents.JPG karo packed.JPG LP contents.JPG
  6. OK, I got so distracted by small leather goods that I lost track of my carre!!!

    Once we arrived in Hickville, we went to dinner and straight to bed, so we could greet the super UHAUL the next morning....Before retiring we learned that my sister had neglected to secure any help for us from the local populace. I was deeply saddend by this...

    The conversation went something like this...




    I awoke the next morning and found that it was 28 degrees. No weather for a shawl, and further, there was the matter of the boxes!!

    Here is how I faced the day...


    Since I had neglected to bring my camera along on this "Voyage of the Damned" I had to recreate my outfit for you lovely people.

    The dry air flattened my hair, and so I resorted to this...


    I felt that I was very far from the lovely life of, say, Ilovemylife, but I certainly was nice and warm and felt very happy that I had an Hermes accessory to ease my discomfort...
    warming neck.JPG ribbon.JPG
  7. ^^ notice the care I took to press my pockets, LOL :p
  8. Now, many of my scarfie friends know that I never conquered the "scarf-in-hair look," but as the day warmed, I had no choice but to change my neck warmer into a do-rag...

    They don't call it the worlds most versatile accessory for nothing!!



    queen of moving day1.JPG queen of moving day.JPG
  9. ^^ LOL, This is great! I love the pockets.
  10. Working the du-rag!!!!
  11. Finally, it was time to head home in the Uhaul. Praise be. Civilization at last...

    My dear brother and I drove 16 hours.....and as the sun sank slowly into the west, once again my carre was called into action.....

    I recreated the scene for you here (in my honda, LOL :p)


    As you can see, the poor dear returned safe and sound; and though she lived a very unglamourous life for a few days, she is a wrinkled but otherwise none the worse for wear. :yes:


    She will have a lovely spa treatment later tonight, but as you can see she is still shimmery and quite respectable considering what I put her through.

    The moral of the story, well...there are several.....but the Hermès one is that you need not be too precious with your carrés, they are quite resiliant indeed!!!

    sunshade.JPG poor wrinkled dear.JPG
  12. Oh, by the way....when we were almost done loading the Super Mover, we found a sticker that said we could call an 800 number for SAME DAY loading help.


    My sister had not thought this necessary.

    Well, it was too late for Hickville, but in Civilizationville, we secured 5 strappping gentlemen to unload. Praise be!!!:okay:
  13. what a great story, welcome home!!!!
  14. Hilarious, CB! Am glad you and the carre came back safe and sound!
  15. About 15 years ago, I and my ex-boyfriend used to drive across America from Chicago to Orange county as well. Back then I got no Hermes with me. :p

    I love all these. :heart::love:

    Welcome back home.