A shark attack!

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  1. i never thought i would ever be this close to a shark before....
  2. Jaws!
  3. lol did you get a carter something in shark grey???
  4. ^:yes:

    i don't think i mind being this close to a shark now.. :lol:

    my own 3 eyed shark..
  5. It's shark week, PF style! :yahoo:Can't wait to see more pics!!
  6. he arrived yesterday.. already branded with marc jacobs plate.. how can i resist?!
  7. i present you.. Mr. Carter, Shark Grey Carter.. :welcome:



    and one with flash..

  8. :drool: grey...

    its gorgeous, Indi! I love the little pop of color from the blue stones! Where are the modeling pics, hmmm? :nogood:
  9. Congrats babe! What a wonderful score....Tad da!!!
  10. :woohoo:Modeling Pics!!
  11. i love shark grey and the carter is a great size. it's simply a wonderful bag. congrats!
  12. Thank you ladies.. I love him so much although he's a lil bit on the sensitive.. :Push: gotta baby him but I don't mind..

    Tad, when I first saw the carter, I thought it's rather big and boxy.. But now I think it's actually a great size for me..

    I'll take modeling pics tomorrow.. I'm already on my pjs right now.. LOL..
  13. Oh and C, I think grey is one of my fave color now.. :biggrin:
  14. congrats indi!!! i can't wait for your modeling shots!
  15. congrats on the carter
    the shark grey is gorgeous
    (that's the same color as my Cubie)
    it's the perfect go-with-everything grey
    that can be worn all year round
    L:heart:ve the contrast of the stones
    against the pale grey color.

    can't wait to see your modeling pics!
    (are you the first one to own the full size carter?)

    Congrats again