A shameless plea for horses in a kill pen in New Jersey!

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  1. Hi everyone - I am part of a group on facebook that every week goes to the Camelot Auction kill pen in New Jersey and tries to either raise funds to bail these babies out or finds homes for them. These women work tirelessly but so far every week they have gotten up to 40 horses out hours before they would go on the truck to slaughter.

    If any of you animal lovers can find it in your hearts to rescue one or donate, no amount is too small.

    You can join the facebook group or simply send a paypal donation to working4them@gmail.com. The money will go towards the horses bail and a rescue home for them. Seriously - even $1.00 would make a difference!

    Here is the facebook page that where you can see all the information on these lovely creatures that don't deserve to end up in a place like this!!

    Thanks and again - sorry for the plea.:smile:
  2. Thanks for the information, Lori. I'm IN and I'm passing it on to all my FB friends.
  3. Oh that's fantastic. If everyone got together and seriously just donated a couple of bucks we could get them all out. I think out of 35 horses - there are 10 left and the deadline is tomorrow afternoon. This is a weekly endeavor so money donated will always be needed. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for this information. I will read the links you sent. Good luck.
  5. ^^ OMG> please tell me why?!?! :crybaby:
  6. I added the group on fb. That's so sad that they do that. :sad:
  7. Many reasons actually. Most are a result of overbreeding, owners that cannot afford them any longer. Owners that simply change their mind and don't care about them. Most of these are not off the track thoroughbreds but there are some older ones.

    There are only 2 left as of this morning. If you can find it in your heart to donate even the smallest amount - it WILL make a difference.:smile:

    This is a weekly endeavor with more and more coming in each week.
  8. great news - they are all safe this week! It will start again next Wednesday evening with a new group!
  9. Thanks for the update loriw. Glad to hear that you ladies are making such a difference.
  10. loriw, i don't have the stomach for doing what you do ~ but i've joined on facebook and will watch and help out whenever i can.
  11. I tell you - I don't either. I'm not up there in the trenches like the other women - just trying to help by raising money and awareness. There are actually days when I can't read some of the posts about the slaughter - its just too much
  12. that's awful!! i joined as well, and i'll help when i can too.
  13. do you need quarantine space? i have a two stall barn that with some work could be made usable. (i'm in pittstown)
  14. I'm not sure but I think anything will help. You can join the group and then offer what you have. Im sure they would be MOST appreciative. That's very kind of you.:biggrin:
  15. bumping this up for a new group this week!