A Shallow, Obscessive Handbag Dilemna!!!

  1. Let me start out by saying that all of my handbags are like children to me.....I love :heart: each and every one, and spend a lot of time obsessing and then deciding which will be my next purchase!!! That being said, I have been looking for a LV Trompe l' oeil pouchette for a couple of years now. Have been waiting for a deal to slide my way, and finally found one yesterday at a second hand store here in Hong Kong:rolleyes: . The bad news is I can't afford it without selling one of my other babies:cry: . I have a friend that has been desperate to buy my Chloe bracelet bag for years....it is a bag I never use, but :heart: :heart: :heart: , I do not use it, because it is somewhat fragile, and extremely heavy! Dilemna, keep the Chloe although it just sits in my closet, but is probably one of the most beautiful bags that I have ever seen, or buy the LV, which I adore, and would use frequently???? Which bag, ladies?????
    LV.jpg chloe.jpg
  2. get the LV. can you imagine how lonely your lovely chloe must be just sitting in your closet all these years? this way you get to make your bag happy, your friend happy, and yourself happy. i see no downside. and if it's a good friend, you'll get to see her enjoying it/go visit it/maybe borrow it without having to worry as much. :smile:
  3. The Chloe is beautiful, but let it go to the person who will love it. Get the LV and use it. Its a win-win situation!
  4. I love your Chloe!! It's breathtaking! I would just find a way to keep both haha. Not much help I know.
  5. I Love your logic :biggrin:
  6. I think you should go for the LV, as it's a rare find, and a very unique piece. While the Chloe is a worthy collectable item, you're not getting much use out of it... so I would take many many pictures of it, to keep as a souvenir, and sell it to your friend (that way, you can still see it from time to time!) ;)
  7. Have been racking my brains....no:idea: yet....still trying to figure this out though!!!
  8. Are there other bags you wouldn't mind selling?

    Or can you get a "loan" from your husband?

    I totally understand your dilemma. I have accessories I never use because they are just too beautiful, but I would regret it if I ever got rid of them.
  9. Think of it like a child who is moving out on their own. you can still visit them from time to time, and now you'll have room for something new of your own!:lol::lol:
  10. I like it! Just bought the LV:heart: ...now my baby will be on its way to its new home! I am already getting used to the idea!!
  11. Excellent choice!
  12. Already a bit of seller's remorse going on...I actually just tried to unsend the e-mail to my friend telling her she could have it:shame: ...wouldn't let me take that e-mail back, so I guess it is meant to be hers!!!:biggrin: Damn, if my Chloe bag isn't so pretty, though!!!!
  13. I like your chloe too but if you are not using it... maybe get something that you can use more often? love the colors of the bag.. so pretty
  14. Congrats on your LV. Your Chloe is gorgeous but you weren't using it, so picking up the LV was a great choice. Plus the LV is just so pretty. :love:
  15. It must feel like HEAVEN to finally have the purse you've wanted all these years. Congrats:yahoo:. I'm sure your friend will feel the same way about your Chloe purse...just think of it as sharing your little piece of heaven.