A serious decision making, need help~~~

  1. I have a Stella in baby pink. I use her a lot when she was my new love, so there are some used signs on the straps and coners of her:tdown:. So I want to make a decision either sell her or take her to a professional shop to dye a new color (something like red or Lt brown or black).

    what should I do? any suggestions? thanks guys!:smile:
  2. Keep her - it'll probably be better than selling her because if she's too worn you won't get much for her. Check out how much it will cost to have her dyed. Then you'll be able to decide if it's worth it.
  3. I probably could sell her around 150 maybe, and it costs me 50-100 to change a new color. I really don't know what to do, I wonder would I fall in love with her again if I change a new color because now I barely use her anymore. :crybaby:

  4. i wouldn't change the color. Another member got an MJ dyed recently and it changed the leather texture entirely. She was very unhappy with it. I've heard this texture change happens with other brands as well, such as Chanel and Balenciaga. I would suggest keeping the bag but only if you think you'll use it. You could always have a reputable cobbler fix up the corners and straps. If you don't think you'll use it, then sell it and use the money to buy a new bag!:graucho:

    You could probably get more for her than $150 as Stella is a very popular bag. A good dye job on a bag is about $100 or more.
  5. it will probably stiffen the leather. the stellas are made of the soft calf which is a finished leather... once a leather is finished it is very hard to re-process that leather... it will almost always change the physical aspects of the leather.

    You would be better off trying to CLEAN her? Maybe post photos of the damage.

    I would just keep it... the resale value of used Stellas is not that great, especially on bags that show wear.
  6. I agree not to re-dye... MJs are so soft, I can't imagine even the best dye job wouldn't alter that somewhat. I recently sold a pre-loved Sophia and was a little sad when it fetched under $300. I felt she'd been degraded or something :shame: But, I did (like thithi mentioned) put it toward another MJ bag... and felt much better ;)