A 'Semi' Reveal & Request to Help Me Identify this Style

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  1. *Please feel free to move this post to the appropriate thread if need be. *

    Hi ladies,

    I just purchased these amazing, rare CL's from an I-Sold-It on the bay and remember steve madden knocking them off around 2007/8 or so (maybe earlier), but I'd like to know the background on them: style name, year produced/made available.

    I'm so happy I scored these, they're in MINT condition (probably not worn more than 2x tops) and fit PERFECTLY...all for UNDER $200!!! :yahoo:

    Onto the photos...(these are the listing images, will follow up with modeling images this evening in the thread)



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    Last edited: Oct 20, 2010
  3. ^You're welcome. Congrats on your new pair!!
  4. they are beautiful! congrats!
  5. congrats on your new shoes! they are beautiful! can't wait for your modeling pictures! :smile:
  6. i love em!..congrats on your rare beauties. :biggrin:
  7. I was watching those on the 'bay and completely forgot about the auction LOL! So happy a TPFer got them. Congrats, they're lovely!!
  8. I saw those and totally thought of scooping them up! So glad someone on TPF who will love them got them!
  9. love these! Beautiful! Congrats on a great deal!:tup:
  10. wow! H.O.T!!! :heart:
  11. Congrats..great deal!!
  12. gorgeous!!!
  13. Love the lattice work detail! Congrats on your new CLs!!
  14. I really love these! I would like to find a pair one day too. Congrats!!