A Seller That Doesn't Understand 'Nice' ...

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  1. I don't know if we are allowed to comment on live auctions? :confused1:

    I agree with her not being very customer-friendly though, which is a shame as it's a nice bag, but you can never be sure so you always have to ask for extra pics before you spend lots of money on ebay.
  2. My aplogies if the live auction comment was out of line.

  3. I don't know if it was :shrugs: haha.

    Sorry if you felt I was coming down on you over it, I really don't know if we are allowed to or not. I meant it more as a question to anyone reading the thread!:sweatdrop:

    Hopefully our Mod will let us know soon, we have a great mod in the Chloe forum :heart:
  4. After reading her comments I wouldn't bother!
  5. some people are such idiots! thats what i hate about ebay! youd think they would understand with so many fakes on ebay! steer clear
  6. Whilst I understand your frustration - I think discussion of an unhelpful seller on EBay is best dealt with in the EBay Forum - I'm moving the Thread there - :yes:
  7. if she had 8 photo's up and people still asked for more why would she take 4 of them down!:confused1: maybe she had a bad day at the hospital with that attitude. if she wants to sell that bag she will get as many pictures taken as needed!
  8. ^^Maybe she sees 'double':roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. :roflmfao:

    omg Lescoy..........it's too early in the morning to be laughing this hard!!!!
  10. She says she will only do this for serious offers, so this tells me that the person submitted an offer that was too low (which is happening a lot lately), and, frankly, it was probably not worth her time to send more pictures for a lowball offer. I don't know about taking pictures away, however. That would worry me since the bidder said they were going to have the bag authenticated here.
  11. ^^ This seller hass shown NO photos which can offer an indication of authenticity - and if this were posted on the 'Authenticate This Chloe' Thread - a whole lot more photos would be advised - and since the seller is obviously not keen to provide - unless she gets a serious offer - its rather a 'chicken and egg' situation - as without further photos - you can't tell if this is authentic - and I'd certainly not make a bid on something which can't be definitively authenticated.:nogood: Its not hard to take photos - and if you don't want to load them into the listng because of fees - then put them in say a Photobucket album and send the link to the potential buyer. Customer Service is important - whether you are buying in store or via the internet. Its actually up to the seller to prove her item is authentic - and at the moment - she is failing to do so.
  12. No Photos=no buy.
    Her attitude=no buy.

    Bad Attitude-No Photos= This seller sux

    I reported it as potential trademark infringement, and in the comments I added that the seller refuses to provide photos needed to confirm authenticity.
  13. Good call - i'm not sure why she posted that response for all to see? If she wanted to be rude she could have done it in private and we would be none the wiser?! Maybe she is confused? :confused1: :Push:
  14. ^^ sianii11 - OK so she's a confused nurse with attitude who sees double, and so she - quite rightly - expects some unsuspecting soul to come buy her bag - I'm thinking - hey thats a great attitude for sure - and I bet her patients just LOVE her:heart::heart::roflmfao: