A seller has shipped my bag to Canada...Im in the UK!!

  1. Ok..what happens now?

    I bought a bag around a week ago and I was sent a 'click'n' ship' notification. I kept checking it on USPS and I was confused because it was saying that it had left the country, but when I checked on the UK postal site, the tracking number wasnt recognised.When I checked USPS again it said
    Status: Into Foreign Customs
    Your item is being processed by customs in CANADA

    I was thinking ''Whhhaaat?'' I live in London, United Kingdom!!

    I went back to the original shipping notification, as she has listed all of my address except that she had listed the country as Canada! Im worried because if there is a 'London' in Canada and the same street name as mine, someone else can swipe my bag and there wont be much that I can do about it.

    I emailed the seller but she hasnt replied yet. Can she recall the bag even though its in another country?
  2. Yikes! There is a London in Ontario, Canada. I would think that the package would be returned as undeliverable though. Hope the seller gets back to you soon!
  3. ^^ Oh no. London, Ontario? It's half-way between Toronto and Detroit, Michigan.

    Who has even heard of London Ontario, besides those of us who live in southwestern Ontario. London England is always the first place that comes to mind.
  4. The thing is that it even states 'United Kingdom' on the Paypal invoice!
    I dont know how she missed it...:sad:
  5. Oh, no! I had a package being sent to me sent to the wrong country before also and it took awhile, but it ended up being returned to the sender. Hopefully, yours will work out ok also.
  6. ^^ She probably rarely ships outside the US and Canada and didn't even think about it?

    Let us know what happens when she emails back. She had better figure out a way to correct this and get your bag to you.
  7. any updates?
  8. Oh Hali, this is terrible. Please let us know what happens. This wasn't your fault. Hopefully the seller will be able to sort it out and get it to you before Christmas 2007!!!
  9. Oh no! I hope that this all gets straightened out here.