A seller confessed to me the bag is replica and WHY he/she selling fakes...

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  1. Would you feel terrible reporting a fake listing if the seller had confessed to you the bag is actually a replica and told you he (or she) is selling some fake bags because his daughter is sick, he's unemployed and just desperately need the money soon. Told me if I still want the bag after knowing it's not authentic will charge me replica price. If not, he (she) understands. If I buy it would be a great help with their situation.

    So I bidded on some LV handbag in eBay then I was surprised to get a message from the seller confiding this to me.

    I don't know what to do.
  2. I'm a cynical person by nature so I don't believe his story. If you don't feel comfortable reporting him/her, maybe you could post the link and let someone else do it?
  3. Wow, thats a tough one! I think you have to think with not only your heart but your head. I mean, I don't want to say the seller is lying, but you never know if people are genuine on the internet, especially in a situation like this when the person is trying to exchange goods for your money. They could be admitting to this, so that when you get the bag and are maybe disappointed with it, the seller can't be blamed because you knew it was fake and decided to buy it; that way the seller gets the money and doesn't have to deal with the aftermath. If that makes sense? Since you have bid on the item, if you are the highest bidder you have to go through with it (i'm not sure regarding cancelling purchases etc on eBay, sorry). They are putting you in a tough situation by playing with your feelings and are convincing you, you are getting a better deal with the price. I don't know, I just have a bad feeling about this! Personally, I would not go through with it!

    Has he got other bags for sale/sold other fakes in the past? That would give me more reason to say no.
  4. Hi, I think I'll move this thread to the eBay forum, OP will get expert advice there.

    (btw, hi I'm new mod here in the LV forum)
  5. Whether his story is true or not, the one thing you know for sure is that the bag is fake. I'm just going to assume that you were hoping to buy the real deal so don't get conned into buying something you never intended to buy.
  6. I don’t believe the ‘selling fakes for sick daughter’ story… People who sell counterfeits will say anything to justify and attempt to 'validate' what they are doing. They may have given the sick daughter story in hopes you would not report them, because if you do, ebay will probably remove the listing. I would report the listing, if this were happening to me personally.
  7. Wait - Isn't it illegal to sell fakes on ebay PERIOD? Doesn't matter if he tells you or not.

    Its against the law to sell or transport fakes.

    If the story about his daughter is true, he needs to exhaust all available services before putting himself & family in the situation of doing something illegal like selling fakes. Which could end up costing him in attorney fees, jail time, etc.
  8. I'd report it. Probably a part of a scheming strategy. If his daughter is ill he should seek other resources. Do not buy a fake bag. His problem is not your issue.
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    I really feel for you on this one.

    On one hand, the spontaneous admission could be because the guy is feeling guilt over what he's doing and his conscience prompted this.

    On the other, it could be just a scam.

    I'll be honest: there are lots of illegal activities that I would turn a blind eye to if I thought the person had no other choice and other people weren't being directly harmed (you've been told upfront that it ain't real; although the lack of full disclosure from the beginning could be considered a harm in and of itself). For example, I have more than a passing familiarity with the limits of US healthcare coverage for those who are uninsured and don't qualify for federal/state programs. If the guy told me that his unemployed daughter was having trouble getting cancer treatment in Nevada because oncology services at public hospitals had experienced cuts, I'd probably buy a bag and consider it a donation. But that's just me, and clearly other people would report him. And both sets of people would consider themselves behaving in entirely ethical ways and would be right.

    So, what I'm trying to say here is that we're really no help to you in this because we can sit here all day and tell you what we think you should do, but, in the end, you really have to go with your own gut on this based on all the facts that you have at hand (and to which we are not privy).
  10. The idea of selling fakes on ebay is just wrong and for the unsuspecting buyer

    it is really unfair to have someone think they are buying something authentic

    and it turns out not to be.

    Whether his daughter is sick or not or whether this man is unemployed we

    certainly are sensitive to those situations, but where is he getting the merchandise

    to be able to sell??? Is he buying it?? What kind of selling record does he have??

    You are between a rock and a hard place OP in deciding what to do...

    Since we are not in your shoes at the moment, you need to think on this..

    This is a ethical decision you will have to make..
  11. Me too! I don't believe his story either. People will come up with anything to get money. I would definitely not bid/buy his item but if you don't feel comfortable reporting him, just leave it?
  12. No. It doesn't matter if the story is true or not. It's fraud.

    If they're replica's she should be selling them as replica's.
  13. same, sounds like a fraud to me
  14. Hey guys...

    Actually in the past I reported this other Ebay seller's listing and messaged her to let her know I reported her as what she's doing is despicable.
    Yes i got few dramas in Ebay shopping :sad:

    The seller responded back with this:

    It was you who reported me?
    You judgemental b'tch.... YOU had no idea how hard I worked for this plan, my purpose, and now the bags cannot get sold anymore.
    Because of you i cannot earn some money anymore to feed my family. Go to hell!

    If you want to know the truth yes it bothers me "scamming" people but this is the ONLY WAY I can earn some money for my family at this point in my life. You have NO IDEA how hard our situation how hard we tried, that's why I resorted to this. You think I'll do this risky selling if i had better options, if i can just get the money somewhere else? YOU THINK? I'm doing this for my family. You just ruined it. Just be glad you're not in our situation. Hope you get to sleep at night with your nonesense expensive handbags by your side.

    And she followed up with more messages: :sad:

    I bet you're a TPF member? People like you who act like internet police have nothing better to do in your lives but track down replica sellers at the same time wasting a lot of money on luxurious goods instead of putting the money to worthwhile use or donating to good causes like charities... all you snooty dumb@sses must feel SO GOOD human being.
    Then you wonder why many people, even the police, don't take you and your complaints seriously.
    Because you are all a f'cking joke. You get no sympathy as you don't have sympathy for others who are in less fortunate situation as you are. You are heartless.
    If you were in miserable situation as MOST of us replica sellers and can offer excellent copy replica to buyers (and the buyers cannot distinguish it from
    original and are happy with the purse; what's the difference?)

    I'm 100% sure MOST of you would be resorting to replica selling too
    specially you have obsession with branded handbags. Just try to Imagine.Yes you just realized you ARE Hypocrites! Don't even deny it!
    Yes most of us want to earn some money to help our families, the economy is tough, extremely hard to get a job, for college education, we need the money for medical
    treatment, etc. You are more horrible people than us.

    You must feel you are better human being to us DESPICABLE REPLICA SELLERS. There are many people around the globe starving but you're wasting money
    on shallow things. If I had "extra money" like that I would be rather donating them to charities!
    The buyers of luxury fashion items (just like YOU) are just vain, overly materialistic, impractical, snooty people.
    Many of you just BUY "status symbol", you BUY "class".
    (As if YOU fake b'tches can have "class" by flaunting around your ooooh EXPENSIVE AUTHENTIC LV or Hermes purses. LMAO.)
    These shallow people do not comprehend the true value of money.
    Many are golddiggers or spoiled daughters who never earned themselves the money to own the stuff they're haughty about. LMAO!
    Others are stupid obsessive suckers who save up their hard earned money just to throw away for some branded handbag. LOL!

    Pathetic women!

    And nope, you ignoramuses, not all replica factories are involved with syndicates in terrorism, drugs, child labor. Try to think for yourselves sheeples!
  15. I was shocked, i just didn't respond back to her. The listing was removed but she wasn't banned. From time to time I check her page I don't see any listing. I guess she couldn't list anymore.

    Now I think I don't want to get involved by asking this other seller more questions.

    If i got convinced his story is true I'd feel awful person for wanting to buy expensive handbag from another seller for myself rather than helping out with someone's bad situation.

    I'll just find another auction and leave him alone?

    What if his story is true..? Am i horrible for ignoring helping him and his daughter out here?
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