A selection of worn, low-priced bbags

  1. According to her auctions, they have MINIMAL wear. Seems like some pretty great deals to me.
  2. I've been watching the seafoam each time she has listed it and I have to say it looks pretty good. I just wish I could justify the purchase right now.
  3. I keep looking at the sky blue. Is is faded, or is it the lighting that looks off?
  4. i dunno, all her bags are usually worn, not a bad thing IMO. but the price reflects that. I got my black city w/ pewter hardware from her and after it was repaired it's now my favorite bag... so good things come to those who take chances.

    I think the teal looks definetely faded in the pics. also I used to have a sky blue mini twiggy (and just got a sky blue work today!!) and both are brighter and less gray... but it could be her camera/lighting.

  5. Mocean - So you've purchased from her (sjangjing) before? I'm bidding on one of her items, but I just wondered if she's reputable?? She has a lot of bbags for sale and I need to decide how high I want to bid. I'm actually looking at a couple of eBay items tonite!!
  6. ITA!!!:yes: I bought an 05 White Day from her, the one that had the dirt stain on the back. But my goodness, it was only $449!!! How can you beat that? And I love informal white bags:love: . The deal on her sky blue right now is insane!
  7. yeah, my black city w/ pewter hardware took a month and almost $400 bucks to be repaired... but it's fantastic now and IMO totally worth it. my all-time love, favoritest bbag ever.

    I mean, it's always best to think the worst, then when it arrives you can be pleasantly surprised.

    that sky city is an excellent deal. I paid 2X that today for my work. (no regrets)
  8. She does have good deals! :nuts:

    And I'm really eyeing that Chanel quilted bag but it has a ciggie burnt hole on it! :sad:
  9. all of her feedback complaints are that items are more worn out than stated.
    But you all seem to like her bags, so maybe that's just some picky buyers.
  10. The bag she is calling 05 teal/navy blue...is actually a cornflower blue from spring 2006. In fact, that bag looks EXACTLY like my cornflower Work...discolored and dirty looking. :crybaby:
  11. I'm actually interested in bidding on this bag...do you think it's worth it, considering it looks discoloured and dirty looking? thanks!
  12. It's probably worth it to bid on it...but consider the cost/work you will have to put in to get it back in great shape. I've been thinking about taking my bag to Artbag and either having it redyed blue or dyed black.

    Check out MyriamRees beautiful cornflower Work bag....she has the best looking cornflower bag I've ever seen. :yes:
  13. #15 myriamrees my cornflower work! I wanted to post a few pics because the leather is TDF :drool: :drool:
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  14. Wow! It's beautiful...yes I can absolutely tell the difference from this one and the one on eBay. Thanks!