A second orange slice: Courtesy of ATG

  1. For those who don't read the RAOK thread: I was assigned
    ATG's name for the Fall/Winter RAOK. I knew I had a little
    thank you gift coming, but I didn't think it'd be arriving in an

    I received a kind note and a lovely drawer sachet.

    Thank you, ATG!! I love it!! :heart:
    December 2007 H RAOK 008.jpg December 2007 H RAOK 013.jpg December 2007 H RAOK 015.jpg December 2007 H RAOK 016.jpg December 2007 H RAOK 017.jpg
  2. Aw! Yay! I'm so glad you liked it! I think everyone should get something ORANGE! Especially when you spoiled me shamelessly for the RAOK! I wish I could have done more!!
  3. You are a lucky her to have each other, Kelly_Birkin. A-T-G is a wonderful lady.

    Go find that special drawer and put the sachet in good use!
  4. How sweet!
  5. Aww this made me feel really happy. :heart:
  6. How awesome! Great raok!
  7. Very nice!!
  8. So sweet! Congrats!
  9. great gift!
  10. That is soo sweet :smile:
  11. Thats a wonderful gift :heart: and a very kind gesture
  12. ATG, I appreciate the thought. :smile: I almost had a heart attack when an
    orange box fell out of the envelope. :smile: Thanks, again. :smile:
  13. Oh, it's times like this that I wish I posted more and can participate in ROAK with you guys!!!
  14. How cute is that!
  15. Great gift! I am dying to try some of those.