**A scary snatch & grab travel experience with my Chanel...**


Mar 2, 2011
Currently I am writing this in my hotel in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), Vietnam because I'm still shaken up this even happened to me.. So many times I've heard stories about bag snatching and warnings about keeping your valuables at home especially during travel -- it was a really big wake up call for me.

I was only a block outside my hotel grabbing a drink with my friend and I had my Chanel Mini flap slung over crossbody. I didn't think it would be noticeable as I had a shawl over as well. It was raining & dark and we were heading back literally in front of our hotel. As we were crossing the street, a motorcycle with two men drove up behind me & my friend and I felt a tug on my shoulder chain and was flung forward on wet concrete as they tried grabbing my Chanel strap. It took me a while to realize what had happened as I lay on the street and my friend was crying out for help.

I am fortunate enough to leave with minor bruises/cuts and I only had a bit of cash in my bag -- no passports or valuable documents, and that they had unsuccessfully grabbed my bag. And when I finally examined my bag back at the hotel I was in shock at how well my Chanel stood up after being tugged and dragged against wet concrete. (see pictures)

Yes, the chain unfortunately broke.. :sad: The leather on the strap is stretched but not torn at all! The caviar that got wet was dark at first but when dried off showed little to no damage/scuffing. Besides some obvious indenting from the pavement, I was SO relieved my little bag was alright. I know that Chanel can replace the chain links which I'm relieved to hear.. and when I get back home, I'll be taking it back to my local boutique to see what they can do (I'll keep you all posted on here!)

My family friend had an unlucky experience with a non-branded bag, where she was walking and a similar incident occurred, but her strap was cut and her bag swiped in an instant!! This made me really appreciate the quality of my Chanel bag holding up after this incident (I've read many stories here on tpf about their quality declining.. but I still love Chanel;))

I hope that this experience will help anyone with travel plans in the future. If anyone has experience with Chanel repairs regarding replacement of the chain, please share your feedback here! I'd love to know how long the process takes etc.



Apr 3, 2012
Ban Island
Oh my god!!!

I am glad you are ok!!!! The bag is secondary and I hope this doesn't ruin the rest of your trip.

Such a horrible experience!! (hug)


Oct 19, 2011
Glad you weren't seriously injured. Hope your bag back is back to pristine condition very quickly. :smile:
Apr 29, 2014
So sorry this happened to u. I'm glad you are all right. Does that mean we shouldn't carry designer bags when travel? Sigh...


Jan 28, 2013
I agree with everyone else's sentiment as long as you are okay everything else can be taken care of. Stay safe and be careful on the rest of your trip. Put your valuables in a safe while away from your hotel room if you can.


May 3, 2014
So sorry to hear this happened to you. The amount of force required to do that to a chain and to have knocked you over and drag you along - I'm glad to hear you're ok!!!

Did you file a police report?

I'm so sick and tired of corruption and hate these brazen mongrels who think they can take other people's things and hurt others like that. I hope karma catches up with them soon before they hurt someone else.


Oct 20, 2009
OMG! Horrible story! I'm glad that you ok. Chanel will make your mini like new one! Maybe you have an insurance which will pay the costs for the repair! You and your mini were both very strong!!!!!


Dec 11, 2013
What an awful experience. As others have said, your safety is paramount - the bag is secondary but it is nice to hear how well it stood up to such trauma. Stay safe.
Oct 18, 2013
I am so sorry this happened to you. So horrific. Wish the world can rid itself of these horrid people that make life horrible for everyone else.
Well done to you and your little mini for the bravery and safety!


Nov 25, 2008
I'm so sorry this happened to you - what a scary moment. Glad you and your friend are safe.


Feb 23, 2012
Sorry to hear this happened to you! When I was in Saigon, I made sure never to bring a purse with me. I would suggest bringing the bare minimum wherever you go and hide money in places that aren't easily seen! Otherwise, I hope you don't let this ruin your trip to Vietnam. It really is a beautiful place.


Aug 9, 2014
I agree with everyone else's sentiment as long as you are okay everything else can be taken care of. Stay safe and be careful on the rest of your trip. Put your valuables in a safe while away from your hotel room if you can.

This happened to a friend of mine while in Italy, and it was not even a designer bag! I know it was a scary incident, but having experienced this with my friend, I have to say that it's important that you try, as best as you can, to NOT let it define the city/country you are visiting, as this is an unfortunate occurrence that can happen anywhere. Remain vigilant but allow yourself to continue to enjoy your trip.

I'm really glad you are okay... big hugs your way! :hugs:


Nov 30, 2013
Thank God you are ok!!! I hope you are not too shaken up. Unfortunately it can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. I have a friend who was pushed over and bag grabbed in the lobby of the Ritz london. And they got away!! Cameras, doormen and all! So you really never know. Dont take it personally!

I hope the bag will be fixed fast but considering the violent way they went for it.. it looks like it held up amazing!!