A Scarf For My Bag?

  1. i need a scarf for my new bag. she's looking a little...plain?

    here's my bag - hamptons sig. stripe in brown.

    do you think the tattersall scarf will look right?

    i checked her out at the store, but something just seemed a little off.
    opinions? any other suggestions? tia. :yes:
  2. Not too keen on the tattersal with your bag, but I think the ocelot would look hot!
  3. or something red??
  4. yeah, maybe something red or pink? :shrugs:
  5. well what about this one then?

    if not, i was thinking a lighter scarf.
    [like tan or ivory.] i'll be perusing eBay. :graucho:
  6. I love the scarf itself but I dont think the white would tie in well with the choco.
  7. I think something pink, like the Hamptons Signature Dot or the Heritage Stripe with the Pink/Brown.
  8. i would stick to a brown...maybe optic??
  9. i'm thinking a lighter color too, like pale pink or a tan/cream. Is this the medium or large size? i love this bag and almost got it a bunch of times, but chose the ergo tote instead. congrats- once you find a scarf that looks just right on it, you will be so happy! :smile:
  10. How about one of these?

  11. No, you know what? I LOVE this pink one on the end wayyy better. (might be because it came w/ the Madeline....lol). But I think it would look awesome on your bag....great bag, btw!
  12. i would put green on it lol i like green
  13. [​IMG]with the pink or brown. Super cute!!


  14. i have the large.
    i got it on eBay NWT for $197! :yahoo:
    i'm desperatley trying to find a scarf.
    she feels naked. lol.