a satisfying end to a sad story...

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  1. #1 Sep 28, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    so, back in 2004, i bought a vuitton bag from eBay. it was a cherry blossom retro, and it was what i had been wanting since i saw a lady carrying one. it had been sold out, so i just felt lucky to find it. i received the bag, and i had a bad feeling from the second i opened it. DH thought it was fine, but he suggested we run it by the LV boutique to get their opinion. the girls at the store at the time said it looked good, but i still thought it was fake. i only carried the bag once, but the memory haunted me. it haunted me every time i saw it.

    fast forward to august 2010...

    i couldn't deal with it anymore, i had to get something in the cherry blossom family to make the haunting stop. i found an incredible cherry blossom pochette on eBay. it looked great and i got an agreement on the authenticate thread, and the seller was amazing when i asked for additional info. i received the pochette and carefully opened the box embracing my fear. this time, my fear turned into joy. i knew this time i had an authentic CB item. i cautiously took it to somebody who would know. that person deemed it authentic. it was such a great feeling. finally, after many years i got my cherry blossoms. i was thrilled.

    so, after still staring at the fake and being able to compare a real one and a fake one side-by-side, i finally decided to do something about it. i didn't want to donate it and let another fake run free in the world, so i decided i was going to take it apart. a few slices on the stitching and some tugging freed the bag from living as a fake and freed me from the haunting. after the bag was in pieces, DH noticed some writing in chinese inside the bag (under the center insert) which confirmed everything for me. i was finally free.

    in hindsight, i should have taken pictures of the destruction. it was easily the best fake bag i had ever seen. the REAL leather even developed a patina. i know that many, many people have very successful stories about buying on eBay (i've sold LV on eBay with no problems). my buying track record was 50/50 - one bad, one good. i didn't have tPF back then to guide me, but i do now. so just remember that there are resources that can help you minimize the risk of buying a fake.

    so, that's my story. the bag is in the trash collector's truck in pieces now. i'm glad it is over. thanks for reading. :smile:
  2. I got the same feeling when I found out that my Cerises Speedy was fake. I should have known, too. =( I'm glad you got your revenge on the fake. =D
  3. Wow... What a journey...

    Congrats on your new cherry blossom piece though!
  4. What a story, I am so happy you ended up with what you wanted
  5. I"m so sorry this happened to you I really have a hard time understanding why people sell fakes knowing their fake I feel they are really stealing and should be stopped, Congrads on your real Louis Vuitton
  6. Glad to hear you found a replacement. It's really sad to hear a story like this one, next time try filing a dispute with Ebay they take matters like these seriously.
  7. thanks everybody. you can certainly bet that any fakes i see will be reported on eBay after all of that. :biggrin:
  8. it really is the worst feeling to have paid soooo much money for a fake, isn't it? :sad:
  9. ^^Definitely! This was all before I joined tPF, too. There was really no way for me to have known, at the time. Fast forward to when I realized it was fake, I hadn't used it in a really long while, so I hadn't paid much attention to it. Lo and behold, how could I have not known? =(
  10. What a story!! Btw i'm so glad you ended up with what you really wanted
  11. Congrats on your CB pochette! I know what you mean about fakes and their leather developing a patina. My mother in law was given an Azur speedy which we both thought was real at that time. But now after a few years I definitely know it's fake (but don't have the heart to tell my MIL that it's fake). I know because of the way it had developed patina, the handles indeed got darker, but in a weird way almost dark flesh? Plus the piping of her azur is still stark white!
  12. Wow what a story! That must have been so satisfying, yet painful to pull that bag apart. The CB pochette's are so adorable that hopefully you won't remember you ever had the fake one.
  13. love a happy ending
  14. I too bought a fake from fleabay. Once I learned it was fake I was devastated. It was my first LV and it killed me. This was all before TPF. Since I discovered TPF and all the wonderful people and the authentication threads I have never made the mistake of buying a fake again. Its reassuring to know that your bag is real. Thanks for sharing your story!
  15. Wow. Great story!
    Congrats on finally finding your love!