A Santa dilemna...need advice!!

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  1. So here is the story....every year me and the DH take the 3 kids on vacation at X-mas time. For the last few years, I have hauled all the gifts with me in a suitcase or two, put them under whatever available foliage is in the hotel room for x-mas morning...because, "Santa can find us anywhere!" Well, the dilemna this year is there is too much crap to take with us!!! All gifts have ALWAYS been from Santa, my DH and I do not give gifts as far as the kids are concerned, so should we tell the kids this year that there are gifts from us that they can open either early or late, and then just take a few choice items on the trip??? But then how do we explain that Santa is only bringing a few things as opposed to the huge haul in years prior??? The kids are 9,7, and 4...so I am afraid that this will be the big tipoff that Santa is really us (although I suspect the 9-year old already knows). What to do????
  2. You could take some with you and leave some set-up at the house. Say Santa must have visited the house as well because he was being particularly generous this year?!!

    I have no clue I am sooo bad because I tell my son I pay Santa to come to the house because that was the only way I could get my son to donate toys to others and to stop saying that poor kids were bad because Santa didn't visit them! LOL
  3. Can you mail them to the hotel?
  4. bring like 4 gifts per kid...and then leave the rest stockpiled at home

    one to reduce the schlep and two to extend there excitement

    and leave a note from 'santa' apologizing

  5. Syntagma....^^^that is freaking hilarious!!! I think I am going to take the advice, and leave gifts at home...take a few, and let "Santa" include a note that says that there are more gifts waiting for them after the vacation. It is not like I even got that much...just a few big ones!!!!
  6. I agree about shipping them to your destination. That would be the ideal solution. Otherwise the note could always say that he didn't find out about your vacation plans until later and he left the big gifts at your house and made a special detour late, late that night - after he found out - to where you were vacationing so they would still have something to open.
  7. Tell them Santa couldn't fit all of them on his sleigh, so he'll leave some for them after Christmas.
  8. Haha I'm no help, but that's such a cute dilemma!