A *sale* at Louis Vuitton!!

  1. Well... sort of.

    Since the original Damier Geant line (the messenger, the Citadin, Souverain, etc.) is comparably more expensive than the newer Geant items (Couguar, Albatros, etc.), they are going to relaunch the Citadin and Souverain with slight adjustments like extra zippers and pockets and they are going to price them 20-30% lower than the original price at the relaunch.


    This is being done super hush-hush obviously as they want to sell as many of the pricier yet less zippers and pockets versions of the Citadin and Souverain right now.

    This is the closest you are ever going to get to a Louis Vuitton sale... so if you were looking at those particular bags - WAIT!
  2. that is so cool!!
  3. Great info!!! Thanks you!!!!!
  4. ^^^
    thanks for the info....I was thinking of getting the citadin PM for DH, so I may wait...
  5. Actually most anything you buy today is "on sale" compared to the prices tomorrow.
  7. Thanks for the info, I feel stupid for buying the messenger now.
  8. Actually, that's not true...

    If I brought something at LV today, and LV doesn't increase their price tomorrow, but inflation occurs (and it occurs slightly everyday), I actually lost some money. ;)

    But anyway, they are actually slashing their prices so to me this constitutes a sale! :p
  9. so are they finally pushing through with the new navy blue Damier Geant? :nuts:
  10. Just the Citadin and Souverain are being relaunched with the lower price. Sorry for the confusion... so don't worry!
  11. Ummm, I didn't hear anything about that - but I will check again for you soon. I certainly hope you are right!

  12. i've been holding off getting the Couguar in black just in case it'll look nicer in blue. fingers crossed it happens.
  13. Ohhh I like the Citadin...if it's 20%-30% lower does that mean it'll only be around $700?! :nuts: If so I'd like one...in black! :nuts:
  14. interesting. i wish they would do that with everybag!

  15. So true!!! :p