A Sad Purse Accident

  1. Hi

    Just wanted to share my sob story with an audience who cares...

    I went sailing on Saturday and left my bag on the floor of my boyfriend's apartment. When I came home, I realized that one of his cats had peed IN my bag! We bought "Nature's Miracle" which is supposed to remove the odor, but it hasn't yet...I'm getting very nervous. Any suggestions? Please?

    If the smell doesn't come out, the cat ruined:

    white Goyard tote
    Burberry umbrella
    Burberry keychain
    LV mono cles
    LV mono agenda (medium)
    LV business card holder

    So - just a warning - get your bags up off the floor!

  2. Omg, I would cry! I don't have any suggestions because I've ever had a pet!
  3. Awww, poor bag!

    My dog took awhile to potty train...he peed all over the kitchen, dining room, and hallways...but thankfully he never peed on the bags I had on the floor!
  4. I'm so sorry! Cat piss is one of the hardest smells to rid of. Maybe take to a professional shoe repair and they can clean? Good luck and let us know how it works ou!!!
  5. Holy cow.. that is a lot of pee, maybe that cat really wants to mark your stuff !

    For mothball and other misc. scents, a lot of people used various methods to get rid of the smells, like dryer sheets and the bag inside a plastic bag, airing the bag out, stuffing it full of newspaper etc.
  6. OMg sorry to hear about that mess :crybaby:
    Not sure how you'll removed that smell.

    I'd kill the cat sorry.
    Not to mention still be freaking out.

    I hope that someone is able to post a suggestion that works.I know there are plenty of things you can purchase from the pet store, at this point you might have to try a bunch of things.

    But i do wish you the best at getting it cleaned up.

  7. Can Vuitton perhaps replace the lining of the bag?? I don't know what to say about the other items though...
  8. :shocked: i dont know what to say. im so sorry that happened
  9. Oh I am so sorry! I would cry! I hope the smell can go away!
  10. oh no........ i am so sorry to hear that! i don't know what you can do... does anyone else here know?
  11. I have to admit I thought about it! We were at the pet store looking for "odor eliminator" and I joked that we should get "cat eliminator" instead. No one was laughing, though. :smile:

    I am REALLY upset. I have to admit that I cried about it a little. Now I'm trying to remind myself that it's just stuff that I can replace (eventually). It is a bit of a comedown to have my change in a Ziploc sandwich bag instead of the cles...

    Thanks for all the well-wishes, and I'll definitely keep you guys posted as to the results.

  12. omg im so sorry! yikes what an awful experience!~ eehh I really dont have any recommended products or anything. uhm perhaps febreeze? Im not sure if that would do anything, but I hope everything is resolved!
  13. I am soo sorry that stinks so bad! (no pun intended) :P

    thank God I'm allergic to cats!!
  14. Hi Ryan,

    I have two cats and luckily they only pee in their litterbox! My cat was sick once and had an accident on my bed and i was seriously grossed out...but I put everything in the wash (twice) and it was all good.

    As for a purse, I don't know what to recommend. A specialty cleaner might be able to help.

    Good luck!
  15. OMG I would cry! I have two cats and I will tell you that cat urine odor doesn't really come out. Your best bet is the nature's miracle stuff that you already bought. Just keep reapplying it. If that doesn't work you will probably just have to replace them. Cat urine is toxic I swear. I love cats, but I agree with whoever said kill the cat lol... The cat also may need to go to the vet. It sounds like it could have a urinary tract infection.

    Can you boyfriend split the replacement cost with you?