a runaway dog story with a happy ending!


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
i work at best buy, and most of my coworkers and i are college students. we were dealing with the christmas rush tonight when i look over from the register i was helping out on (normally i'm on the sales floor, but we were shorthanded and the line was long) and the loss prevention guy (the greeter at the front door), joseph, is trying to restrain a large, bounding male black lab from running into the store. the dog was so sweet, but very strong, as black labs are, and he really wanted to come in!

we paged over the PA for anyone that had a dog in the back of their truck to come to the front entrance (we're in a rural area, so trucks are quite common, as are dogs that ride in the back). no one came, and we couldn't find the owner after several minutes. the dog was obviously not a stray, he had a chain collar and responded to sit commands. plus, he loved people and was soaking up the attention from me and my coworkers. it was late, around 9 p.m., and our store manager told us to call animal control to have the dog taken to a shelter so if the owner eventually turned up, we could tell them where to claim the dog.

we decided to walk the dog around to the back of the store and let it go first to see if it ran home (there are several apartment complexes behind us, and we figured the dog had been let out to pee and wandered off). we didn't want it to run into the very busy main road that we are on, though, so we made sure to go all the way behind the building. well, we let the dog go, it went and peed on a light pole, and came bounding right back to joseph and i, who it had apparently claimed as its new owners. we walked back around front and i called animal control, but since it was late, their answering machine told us to call back in the morning. we sat outside with the dog for a little longer, trying to figure out what to do about the poor guy. it made me so sad, because i knew someone out there had to be terribly worried! i thought of my own dog at home and i know i'd be crushed if she ever got loose.

well after a few minutes, we hear someone shouting faintly from behind the store. we start waving our arms and we ask if they're looking for a dog. well the entire family, mom, dad, and little boy, come running for the dog! they all look so relieved, the little boy (he was probably about 4 and about as tall as the dog) gave the dog such a big hug that i thought i was going to cry! they put their dog back on his leash and hug all of us for looking out for their boy.

i thought all you animal lovers out in tPF land would enjoy the story, it made me really happy that we were able to reunite them!
Awww Amanda! Such a cute story! I would have started crying, after seeing the little boy hugiing his dog! My dog also wondered off one time, and my entire family started crying, especially my 13 year old bro. But thank goodness my dad found him like 10 minutes later! But it seemed forever!
awwww!!! i got teary-eyed just reading this!!

yay to you and Joseph for keeping the dog safe. If my dog ever got loose, I would want him to run into people like you and Joseph. Thanks for looking after the dog!
Oh what a great story, I am so glad that it had a happy ending! You are so sweet for taking care of the doggie, God bless you!

Rhoda had been lost twice, once for ten days when she was a puppy and two years ago for 4 days. Both times she got back unharmed, thanks to the kindness of people who looked made sure she was OK. I was hysterical both times and sooo relieved and grateful when she came back.
i'm so glad you all enjoyed it! we just couldn't bear the thought of letting the dog go, we're on such a busy road right next to a mall, if he had wandered out, he would have gotten hit for sure, particularly since it's so busy because of christmas. i'm just glad that my managers let us sit outside with the dog until someone claimed it, even though we were busy inside! the poor owners were freaking out, they hadn't let the dog out to go to the bathroom, he had just slipped out through a door that wasn't shut tightly!

it was really nice to see everyone sort of open up their hearts for the dog. we had a bunch of people, both customers and my coworkers, offer to take the dog home until the owners contacted us so it wouldn't have to go to a shelter. one customer even stayed outside with me and joseph to make sure that the dog would go to a safe place if we couldn't find the owner, even though it was raining (albeit lightly).

i'm just so glad that the family didn't have to wonder where their dog was during the holidays! i know it just wouldn't be christmas at home without the cassie mae.
Awww...Amanda, thanks for sharing. It's such a sweet Christmas story...that little boy must have been so happy.

This makes me feel better, as I was feeling kinda sad about the homeless kitties I just saw in those cages at Petsmart....just waiting for their own "Christmas miracle" by getting a home. Broke my heart that I couldn't possibly bring one home (I already have 5!). :crybaby: