A Royal Reveal!!

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  1. I received my royal/black nylon with leather trim mam from Bluefly today! I absolutely love it!! Perfect rainy day bag!

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  2. Wow, very cute! And your right, its a perfect rainy day bag!
  3. LOOOOVE that color, great buy!!
  4. Interesting...
  5. Nice bag, congrats!
  6. I was thinking about ordering one of those..I like it! Is it more sturdy than a full leather one? I like it when bags are structured.
  7. Love it!! I was totally gonna order that one too! I like the blue one better than the purple.
    Let us know how it holds up in the rain... Congrats!
  8. That's one cool nylon bag!
  9. How interesting!!!!~
  10. Very nice! That looks perfect for rainy days. I've been thinking about getting one myself.
  11. Wow, what a neat bag! Congrats!
  12. love the colour, it'll pop and make the rainy day that bit happier, congrats!
  13. looks great......opppsss made me get one ;)
  14. I'm anxious to hear how it holds up in bad weather. It's really cute! Congratulations!
  15. it seems pretty sturdy. i wondered how i would like the nylon...the color did it for me. i probably would have never got a nylon bag if i didn't like the blue w/black so much!

    thanks for your compliments guys! i'll let you know she holds up in rainy weather when it rains. hopefully it doesn't rain anytime soon though!