A rosy weekend reveal

Hi ladies!!
Just want to share another reveal!!.. It's been a crazy 'balenciaga' month for me.. But all ends in happiness.. definitely ending my 2011 with a balenciaga-bang!!

.. I also cant believe that just for the year, i added 4 bbags to my collection.. Now, i can say, im definitely a "bal-gal" :smile:

Let me present my 'new-to-me' 2010 Bois de Rose town with rose gold hardware :love: :love: (as always, from a lovely tpf-er!)
I love the town! The size is sooo perfect!!
I've been thinking of getting a first, but the always find it too small... Somthis town is just perfecttttfor me!!

Love so many things about it..the straps can be looped to look like a city strap... Can be worn cross body.. Or simply hang on the crook of the elbow.. And oh, let me tell u, love the 2 pockets inside the bag!! :smile: :smile:

As for the color, it's soooo lovely... Bois de rose is sooo girly & chic..
And oh wow, the RGGH.. Is simply magnificent against the lovely bois de rose leather :love:



In My Bag Room
Jul 22, 2011
Congrats, it looks great on you.

I agree the BDR with the RGGH is such a great combo. I think its a very versatile and neutral colour, but it pops with the RGGH.

Seeing yours makes me wanna go and play with mine :shame::greengrin:


Bags & Sushi
Aug 5, 2009
Woaw anika~!!
beautiful~ that's mini GHW right? the size suits you well :cutesy:
I db loop my Velo's strap too :P but kinda worry the wear and tear


Aug 7, 2011
Love your town! It's good to see a thread with the town rggh, I feel there isn't enough love and publicity for town, it's mostly all about the city, but the town is the perfect size, not too big, not too small!

I have it in black rggh. It never fails to make my heart flutter when I look at it, I did