A Rosie PCE Reveal


Feb 8, 2009
Hello everyone

I have 2 more items coming but had request from some members to see this bag since I don't think it has been posted in this color...so here she is Rose Sabrina with silver hardware...small item 12937. The color is more orchid than rose. The lining is pink not lavendar...and not sure if you can tell from the pics but there is this cool small pink metallic hangtag. The very close up pic (last one) was taken out doors so you can see the color in different lighting And Peggle there is no D ring inside. Click on the pics and then maximize to make them bigger

Also for longtimers, the is not the sparkly Madison leather of the first generation Sabrinas. It is not pebbled or anything just not like the first Madisons....more like the Grass Sabrina if you have seen that IRL to know what I mean.

She is lovely though...let me know what you think!



Classic Beauty....
Apr 6, 2008
Is her color close to the op art amethyst leather? Its looks very close to that in the pixes....but who knows how accurate my monitor is! :smile:
She is just GEORGOUS!! And I am a silver lover so...perfection!! :smile: Thanks for sharing!!! :smile: