a rose for me. where?

  1. I was really stupid not buying the legacy shoulder bag in rose before, and now (when the PCE discount is on and i have funds), it's gone. I can't find it anywhere.

    anyone seen any at their local stores? i must get one :drool:
  2. I've seen them at the Outlets!!
  3. :nuts: really? what outlets?

    has anyone else seen them?
  4. I saw one two weeks ago at the King of Prussia, PA, Plaza store. I saw it in Pond as well.
  5. ^^ i just called and they don't have any left ^^

  6. thanks anyway

    anyone else?
  7. I see the pink in the satchel on eBay. OMG would I love to find that bag! How did I miss that one:confused1:
  8. I loved that rose color and was hoping they'd do an Ali in it, but no luck:crybaby:
  9. They were at the San Marcos outlets a few weeks ago, I don't know if they have any left.
  10. ^^ thanks for that link ^^

    i didn't want to resort to eBay, but i might have to
  11. That seller seems to be mad legit! She also seems to be mad high but I guess thats what you get for peace of mind.
  12. I am on a ban, but.....ahhhhh:girlsigh:
    The Legacy Shoulder Bag in Rose:heart:


    I want this bag.
    I have to have this bag.
    I must have this bag.
    I will find this bag!
    To be continued...........:graucho:
  13. Here's another: I was bidding also, but I'm on the fence between the rose and pond colors. I'm leaning toward pond...feel free to grab these if they're in your price range.


    (**high bidder on this one is also bidding on other legacy shoulder bags in different colors).

    Matching wallet also:

    Also, seller is on the list of reputable coach sellers on e-bay (posted in different thread)