A Rose By Any Other Name....

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  1. would be a Rose Large Single.
    So I just got this yesterday and don't think I care for it. I thought that the color would have more pink undertones to it but appears to me to have more brownish almost rust like tones to it. It is a very matte color as well. It doesn't seem to go well with the colors I normally wear so that is why I was hoping it had more of that pink undertone to it.
    The first two pics I took last night so no natural sunlight and the two others I took this morning.





  2. i'm sorry it's not what you thought it would be. i know the feeling of bag disappointment all too well. it cuts deep.

    i have to ask, which picture is more accurate because in the last two, it looks very rosy to me. if that's the true color, then it's very pretty. not crazy about it if it's more like the first two pictures.
  3. I think it is a great colour for fall either way! I love rusty-brown-red-rose. ;)
    But if it's not what you wanted, return it. Sorry for the dissappointment!
  4. Sorry for the disappointment. I love the color but it's really up to you. Good luck!
  5. Oooo, I want to see this IRL. From your latter pics it looks a lot like Orchid did:heart:
    Sorry you are unhappy though :sad:
  6. wow....this is pretty. and normally i dont care for 'pink' but it's almost mauve.....like 'washed rose' but more pretty IMHO..
  7. Sorry you're not happy with it... I'm not so crazy about it either :sad:
  8. Yes, it is a pretty color but I think for me I would have preferred just a bit more of the pink undertones to it so although it is a nice Fall color it doesn't really match my wardrode like I hoped. For many I can see this being a great color but just not for me.
    Oh well.
  9. Sorry it wasn't what you wanted. I had the same concerns that it would look too rusty IRL, and that seems to be the case. Hope you can find one you like!
  10. it is a pretty color, but i don't think i care for it personally as well.

    at least if you return it, you have money for another MJ? :graucho:
  11. I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed and it wasn't what you had hoped for

    I do think it's a gorgeous color, the perfect "pink" for fall. The first pic is a little bit dark but the ones taken in natural light seem to bring out rich mauve tones, which are so pretty. I could see this color looking totally awesome with blacks and greys and browns, Navy and even lighter shades of pink.

    I hope we see more of this color in the upcoming months!

    (I hope that some of the SLGs will be made in this color -- I'd love to find a smaller wallet in this shade!)
  12. i agree kim - it does cut deep!

    it does look very rosy to me in the last set of pics too. but if you don't love it, you don't love it :heart: though now i'm very interested in seeing more in this color - it's gorgeous!
  13. I see that Nordies has the Paradise Angie in rose as a pre-order so definitely seems as though more items will be in this color.
  14. its very pretty, but not my cup of tea either.
    like the others, i would like to see what other pieces will be in this color too!
  15. I agree with you 100%. I was contemplating this bag b/c I love the Large Singles even though I'm not a pink-bag fan. Thanks for the pics/review. You saved me $$$ and hassle from trying to locate it.