A Rocker and a Gentlewoman...

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  1. Let me preface this by saying thank you all so much on my continued quest for the perfect Hermes bag wardrobe. I though myself strictly a Birkin girl but now I find that I can't live on Birkins alone. I finally get that a Birkin is not ideal for every situation! I recently asked your advice on the Kelly. I was also lucky enought to try on first hand a kelly 32 souple, 28 souple and 28 rigide. Much to my surprise, I fell madly in love with the latter! Who would've thunk that I could pull of the most lady-like of Kellys?
    So without further ado, here is my beautiful little 28 Kelly, black box, gold hw!

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  2. Gorgeous bag! You look fab!
  3. gorgeous! congrats!
  4. Simply gorgeous! Hey, even Rocker girls dress up (and I think that the rigide kelly looks fab when casually dressed)!!
  5. Rocker, it's the perfect size for you! You look swell.

    I have been in exactly your situation: thought myself mostly a birkin gal but I do have one Kelly and that is black box sellier. because a girl cant live on just birkins alone. You sure got it fast and it looks new too!

  6. thanks everyone! Yes, I'm not a person that can stand a long wait...I'm like a child in need of instant gratification!
  7. BTW, Last summer I brought my daughter's girlscout troupe to NY to see a play. I think we were waling down fifth or madison avenue and there was a vision of just pure perfection standing in front of us, a gorgeous Asian woman in a silk pucci dress carrying what I think now was a Kelly just like this. I've never seen a more elegant vision. I hope to recreate the look one day.
    Now I have to find that pucci dress!
  8. Love your new Kelly! The two of you look like you belong together!:love:
  9. u look fab RC:yes::tup:
  10. Gorgeous !! And you look fab with it !
    I love the contrast of casual jeans and classy black box.
    Congrats : you ROCK this bag !!!
  11. Gorgeous, you look just wonderful! Enjoy it!
  12. I love your new Kelly! It looks so perfect on you.
  13. It IS perfect on you; it blends with you. Rocker+Gentlewoman=Gwen Stefani, and you are it!
  14. Absolutely gorgeous! Perfection! Love it!
  15. RC: You GOT it! ALREADY!!! You are one versatile rocker babe--you two look perfect together! With the black jeans and Kelly, you are reminding me of some Renee Zelwegger pics from fashion mags! :woohoo: