a ring for my birthday :)

  1. my birthday is coming up this month, and although it's not a special age birthday (23), I want to buy myself a ring (b/c bf refuses to buy me a ring except THE ring) to wear on my right hand. I kinda settled for a diamond band ring as I found one I really liked when we were on vacation but it was too expensive and it was from the gift shop of our resort...LOL.

    So i was looking today, and I found a diamond band..and a diamond eternity band.

    I was leaning more towards the eternity diamond band, but now I'm thinking that I should just get the half eternity diamond band (?!?!...it's like the eternity except well it doesn't have diamonds all around probably 50%). I changed my mind because well,
    1) they both look the same from the top
    2) I'm on the computer ALLL day an dALL night that I do'nt want to bang up the diamonds on the bottom of the eternity...
    3) well it's just my first ring, and it's just something I want to get for ME and I want to be conservative about it...

    what are your opinions???

    oh..and 4) My boyfriend thinks I might lose it too...lol.

    the eternity ring .40 carats and the other half eternity (it's what I will call it) is .20 carats ..nothing too blinging but just something small for a wee almost 23 yr old college girl! lol.

    I'd appreciate opinions!!
  2. oh yeah, it kinda looks like the smaller one (maybe even smaller than the smallest one in the pic)..and it's NOT from Tiffany's. LOL.

  3. go with the half eternity so u wont worry about the stones coming lose or getting damaged/scratched
  4. the half eternity looks so pretty
  5. I have a half eternity that looks exactly like the picture (though not from Tiffany's), and I love it! I vote for half eternity!
  6. thanks everyone!!! i probably will go with the half eternity..it seems the most logical thing to do...

    guess I'll just safe the eternity for my wedding band..LOL..in 19827129817 years!
  7. Yeah the half eternity looks so sweet :heart:
  8. I was in a similar situation in December when I had a ring made for my admission as a lawyer (also, partly for my 24th birthday!). I ended up going for a white gold band ring with baguette diamonds half-way round. When I tried the full band on, the ring wasn't as comfortable because the diamonds all the way round meant it stuck out between my fingers, whereas the half-band is just gold between your fingers and feels much more comfortable.

    Not to mention the fact, as you've pointed out, that they look the same when you're wearing it and it is somewhat more affordable!

    Have fun with your choice, post pics when you get it.
  9. ^^^ congrats as a lawyer and belated Happy Birthday!!!!

    yes I will indeed post pics! it's not really blinging as everyone else's ring, but it's just perfect for me! I can't wait to get it in a few weeks!!!! :smile:
  10. you guys are gonna laugh! I went back to look at the ring I want to buy just to make sure i like it and it sparkles enough...and it's a two thumbs up! I can't wait to buy it! LOL