A Rigid Birkin - leather recommendations

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I am a newbie and I have just caught the H bug :yes:. I am planning for a birkin bag right now, hard to save $$ when I do not know what (specific) bag am I saving for.

    I am just 4ft 10" so I figured the 30 or the 32 HAC will be suitable. I love boxy Rigid look for birkin I have in mind Epsom leather, but I also read some -ve stuff about it. Other than Togo, clemence and Fjord (I don't like the grains or the spine look). Any other leathers to recommend?

    I am dressed very casual for work, jeans & t-shirt so I was thinking of Blue, like Brighton Blue or even Shocking Pink :smile:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm an Hermes-newbie and doing my research on my first Hermes too!

    I don't know as much as the others around here (a lot of them are very very good), but I do know that the HAC is a little harder to carry than a regular Birkin because the straps are shorter. I've seen one IRL and tried it on. Somehow, not the same feel as a birkin.

    I'm 5"2, with a solid-color dresscode and semi-casual lifestyle on weekends. After consulting experts here, reading a zillion posts here on leathers and colors, I think I'm set on:

    1) 30cm Birkin in swift, vache Ligee, togo or chevre coromandel in rough H (or other red shades), gold, and some shades of brown.

    2) 32cm Kelly in box calf or chevre coromandel in black, dark brown, gold/cognac or rouge H.
  3. Hey Tammy,
    Me too on a search! Birkin first then kelly ;)
    1. 30cm Birkin Brighton blue with PH.. but which leather? In Epsom?
    2. 32 Kelly Black Calf and GH <-- this one is easy :biggrin:
    3. 31cm Bolide in Clemence/togo in Turquoise or Shocking pink?
  4. I'm not sure about epsom though. I was told that the graine on the leather is imprinted on, so over time it would lighten (like threads on car tyres). I personally prefer togo, swift and vache ligee. These are finer, more luxurious leather IMO.
  5. Princessfrog, it seems you like smooth, rigid leathers, so may I suggest vache liegee, box, chamonix, and vache natural. Swift is smooth but will soften over time and will slouch more than the leathers I suggested. But take a look at it, you may find you love it.
  6. Princessfrog, I'd avoid Clemence if you want rigid; Clemence is pretty slouchy especially with time...it's a lovely leather but not if you want a rigid bag. HG has made some good recommendations above.
  7. I was just going to also suggest vache liegee as I have this in a bolide and it's rigide....It seems that some bags that are coming out in the brighton blue are in clemence so that may not be what you're looking for...you can always check e-bay for pics and the different kinds of leathers! Good luck! BTW, I'm 5'2" and the 30 works best for me...and 32 in the souple kelly!
  8. Ditto! And welcome! I also recommend the 30cm Birkin.
  9. i would've said chevre but i realized you didnt like the spine :sad:
    yea vache liagee might be the better alternative. good luck :smile: Bleu brighton is gorgeous!!
  10. Thank you, I am going back to the leather reference to do more studying :supacool:
  11. Thank you :smile:
  12. to all the ladies - you girls ROCK! :jammin: Thanks for pointing me to the right direction and now, I am going to be doing research and yes, Brighton Blue so far is in Clemence leather, maybe by the time I am ready, it might be available in my DREAM leather. :kiss:
  13. oui! Brighton Blue is FAB! Even from the pictures I am drooling already, cannot imagine it IRL! You have a brighton blue bag!!??!! :love:
  14. Oh, Another question, Fjord leather will be rigid? Other than it is going to be heavy, but I can visualize this leather will be very nice with Darker colors like Havana, Chocolate, Marron-Fonce, Indigo, Rouge H? I would imagine it brings some kind of character to the birkin?

    Cherve Mysore will have less prominent spine? :biggrin: The Turquoise Cherve Mysore on ebay is soo beautiful - trying to see the Turquoise Mysore vs Blue jean Togo Vs Brighton Blue in my mind... I love the blues!