A reveal!

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  1. Hello there!

    I am usually a huge fan of Chanel but wanted to add dome variety so I just added my 2nd LD!

    Here she is!

    My first was a patent medium in pearlized grey :biggrin: this one is the mini size..

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  2. Wow, beautiful! Congrats! The mini is so cute
  3. Beautiful colour! Congratulations!!!
  4. Love it - what a stunning colour - Congrats
  5. that such a nice pop colour!! Congrats!

    www. lilysjibberjabber. com
  6. Congrats on your Lady Dior its very pretty!! I am also a loyal Chanel fan but I have been waiting for my local DIOR to get the Large LD bc am loving the brand and its so weird wanting another bag thats not Chanel, at first I felt as though I was cheating on Chanel, but then I realized DIOR Lady Dior just like Chanel is a classic and beautiful bag with its history and story to make it even more special.
  7. It's positively gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy this little beauty!
  8. Love the red.
  9. how pretty! love that red and pop of color.
  10. What a beauty! I'm thinking of picking up a lambskin red mini lady Dior too tomorrow!