A Reveal!!!!!!!!

May 18, 2014
Hi all!!!!!
So we went to Venice (Italy) today and I only wanted to see this bag but my DH got this for me as early birthday/Christmas/graduation present. lol
my Bday is on Dec.22nd and graduate with my BA on Dec.15th so it all worked out and besides i was afraid of upcoming price increase so we decided to get the bag today! check this out!!!!! my beautiful bosphore backpack!!!! :graucho::graucho:
oh by the way my DH got the belt for his bday which is on OCT27th lol


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Girly Girl Coastie
Jul 15, 2014
Great looking Belt and Backpack!! I love them both! I wish I could talk my Hubby into liking an LV belt but then again I suppose its cheaper if just one of us is obsessed lol