A Reveal.............

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  1. I will make this quick.....I have a great collection of MJ's that I am very happy with. There was one bag that was always on my wish list, though. The Petrol Stam. After a couple of close encounters, but never really closing the deal, I was lucky enough to find another tpf'er that was selling a Petrol Stam on Bonanzle. It's missing its chain, but I am ok with that. Hopefully, someday, I will be able to find a suitable replacement for the chain. In the meantime, I will happily carry this beauty on its own.

    Now I know why Petrol was so in demand. Seriously, these pics that I am posting and all pics I have ever seen of this bag do not come close to the true color of this bag. It is much more green in real life and more of a peacock blue. So, so much prettier in person. I loved he photos of the bag, but am even happier with the real deal.

    Yes, I am a Stam addict and proud of it! Now, I am upping the ante and putting the ultra-elusive Bordeaux and Violet on my wish list. Maybe those will pop up in 5 or 10 years!

    For some reason, I am unable to upload photos, so here are the links:




  2. I'm so so so happy you like it :yahoo:
  3. So gorgeous! That icy leather is TDF!!!! Congrats on your newest family member-enjoy!
  4. Wow, Roro! That bag is gorgeous. I'm glad you finally found your HG. I think this has been on your list for a while now, right?

    Congrats! And may I request a family pic of all your Stams?
  5. congrats!!!
    i can see why that was one of your HG's. that bag is gorgeous :drool: i love that shade of blue!
  6. OH YAY!

    You got it! How exciting :biggrin: Petrol is a RAD color!

    How about some modeling shots?
  7. Elaine, I love it! I could not stop looking at it all the way home.

    Elaine and I met up today and did the MJ exchange! Kind of like a "drug" deal, except the drug of choice is MJ. Ha ha. I even had to ask her if she was sure she was ready to give up this gorgeous bag. Thank goodness she said yes! I was really happy she agreed to meet me, since I was envisioning finding this bag, having it mailed to me and then having it lost in the mail or stolen! That would be just my luck. So, it was a relief to have it in hand.

    It really is an amazing shade and so much prettier in real life. It photographs much more of a true blue, but it really is much more of a teal shade.

    Yes, this one has been on my HG list for quite some time. It was really exciting to find it unexpectedly. I thought it was be years before I found it and I was willing to just sit back and wait. I was lucky enough to see Elaine's Bonanzle post and the rest is MJ history. LOL.

    By the way....for some reason, I am unable to upload photos like I used to be able to. Is there a way to upload directly from Photobucket? When I try to upload, it takes me to my iphoto site and then when I upload it just sits there and never seems to connect. Oh well.
  8. From one stam obsesser to another, SHE IS STUNNING!:love: :heart: :love:
  9. Just gorgeous! Congrats! It's beautiful!
  10. Thanks, everyone! I was never sure I'd ever find this bag, so it was sweet to find it and next month is my birthday, so I am making it an early BD present to myself.

    It would be really cool if MJ would bring back icey for a season. The colors are so unique and it would be fun to see them back again.
  11. congrats!! i'm glad it worked out for both you and elaine. it's good to know when the exchange of an MJ is between two MJ lovers!! keepin it in the family, know what i mean?

    as for the pics, they look great!! photobucket i think has been removed from the list of allowed servers on tpf. maybe that's why it won't allow you to post the pic.
  12. Beautiful and it really proves the point that paitence is a virtue! Congrats!
  13. Congrats - what an amazing find!!
  14. Congrats on finding your HG from a lovely PFer! That's just the icing on the cake! It's stunning and I'm so happy for you!!
  15. it is lovely, roro. congrats on finding one of your hg's!