A reveal - with sparkle!

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  1. Ok so who wants to see? It's mad but I love it....:heart:

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  2. ME ME PLEASE... I hate surprises!
  3. :girlsigh:
  4. I Want To Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. me me me me me pleasee opeeen opeen opeeennnn =) dont u wanna take a peek also n wear it hihihii *temptation*
  6. open plz:woohoo:
  7. Take it off ... Take it off ... Take it off!
  8. I wanna see the sparkle!!! :tender:
  9. We really shouldn't enable these reveal threads. If no one replies begging to see pics, I'll bet the OP's would post them a lot sooner.
  10. Oh come on Roey - It's only a bit of fun.

    I normally post immediately but thought you'd all appreciate the suspense....!

    well here she is...ta da!! ;)

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  11. That is one of the prettiest CHANEL'S I have ever seen. Congrats.
  12. I love it!! This purse is cool looking. Can we see modelling pictures?
  13. fabulous! congrats!
  14. Gorgeous, congrats!!
  15. oh you got it. i just saw this one a couple of days ago. good for party!