A reveal story of the SLGs

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  1. This must be the weirdest happy coincidence ever happened this year.
    I enquired 3 things at the beginning of the year:
    - yolk lizard wallet
    - mini paille calf cabat
    - a triangle flap clutch (haven't decided on the colour yet)

    Called the SA I bought my mini copper cabat from, in March or April (so long ago I can't remember when anymore) at Harbour City. She told me the yolk wallet was sold out already and that she can't possibly hold any items for longer than a few days.

    Wanted to close the transaction with help from Shopaholic&Baby + my friend in HK. That failed through because my friend spotted too many imperfections on the cabat.

    Depressed for a few months and totally forgotten about them.

    Then, the time comes. My actual departure to HK.

    With no intention of purchase, I wondered if I should go into the BV boutique in Landmark. Walked around the Landmark lobby, in and out of other shops, nothing interested me at all. Finally, I thought I'd just take a peek inside BV.

    Walked in, still not a slight intention to buy, thought it was safe for me since all the colours are fall/winter's collections. Won't be tempted at all.

    The SA was nice, I glimpsed over her name, hmm, it looks familiar, but she can't be the SA I talked to, since that SA is at Harbour City and I'm now at Landmark.

    We talked, I mentioned that I have a mini copper cabat and she gasped!!!
    "Ooooh, were you the one who called me back in the beginning of the year?"
    Then my eyes must've came out of it's socket, "Are you the (name) that sold me the cabat at Harbour City?"
    She replied, "Yessss, I'm on training at Landmark for 2 months and today is my birthday!!!"

    O M G. I thought, I'm definitely destined for this whatever I'm going to purchase.

    And....she brought me all the items that I wanted!!!

    "This is the one and only last one in HK : Yolk double flap wallet in lizard skin." she smiled hugely.
    "Yeayyy, I'm definitely buying that", sipping more of that delicate lemon tea they served.

    "This is the clutch you asked for in the latest colour, Opera." she crooned.
    I opened the flap and immediately fell in love with the inner lining, "Beautiful, I am liking the inner colour more, is that a sin?".

    "And this is the cabat, 2 more left, there's only one here at Landmark, but if you have time, I would be able to send the last one over." she smiled, satisfied, being able to complete her task brilliantly.

    It was the highlight of my trip, unexpected, as all my purchases are, and somehow, this one is special, to be greeted by someone who really remembered your wishes, no matter how small they may be.

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  2. The SLGs

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  3. Fell in love with this...

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  4. Yellow reminds me of the sun that brightens up the day and make me.....:biggrin:

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  5. What a wonderful story! Love Opera and that lining....:love:
  6. Oooh that Yolk wallet is gorgy! And I'm not usually a fan of yellow. :smile:
  7. Sorry Shopaholic&Baby, didn't want to drag you all the way to Central just to get me a discount, I thought the amount wasn't so huge that would justify the trip.
    It would've been nice to have meet up though if it wasn't for that ferry to Macau that gives me all the reason to parade the new addition to the family.

    Modelling pic before the Cirque du Soleil's "Zaia" at Venetian Macau....

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  8. If it wasn't for that long scratch marks (literally nail scratch marks that cut open the calf skin) on the mini paille cabat's handle, I would've gotten another mini cabat.

    But I guess everything happens for a reason, don't they?
  9. Thanks sngsk, feels nice to be back on BV boat....
  10. Great Items......congrats!!!
  11. Wow! What a fantastic story, BagEssence. I love your wallet and clutch - the colors are :cloud9:
  12. Great story! So happy you got what you wanted! Love the opera wallet!
  13. Congratulations! You captured the Opera color well.

  14. ooh, that opera clutch is so gorgeous. it's the perfect colour for fall!
  15. how fun is this! thank you for sharing!!!