^.^ A Reveal! Something small from the sale ...

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  1. thanks! :biggrin:

    thanks! I'll be using it as a small wallet too! For a night out and when I need to bring a smaller bag!

    My room is scented with the leather smell!
  2. Love it. Fabulously cute.
  3. lovely colour, congratulations!
  4. Very sweet which bal are you going to use it with most? Oooops Lol!
    I have a nice little Bal purse that lives happily inside my mulberry bags for similar uses as to which you purchased this for! Congratulations on your xmas purchase
  5. Lovely buy xxx

    Oh and Indiana your dog is Gorgeous!!!!!!!
  6. Very cute! It has a lovely retro feel about it and the colour looks amazing!
  7. Sorry I missed your reveal Psychedelico, but what a lovely purse/key holer. I'm sure you will love using her.:graucho:
  8. thanks! love your recent reveal too! :biggrin:

    thanks! :biggrin:

    thanks! with pivoine!!! pink & dark grey! I'm looking forward for a bal SLG this year! Both bal & Mulberry - divine!!!

    thanks!! :biggrin:

    thanks! I agree it does look retro! :biggrin:

    Hi TB!! Great to see you! thanks! :biggrin:
  9. Almost caught you this morning, but had to get ready for work (groan). Looks cute & super useful!!
  10. Looks super cute, congrats !
  11. Looks gorgeous - and very handy! :woohoo:
  12. My, you were up early!!! Gorgeous purse! x
  13. 12 hours later......

    Lovely purse :tup:

    Any more Mulberries on the horizon ?
  14. Stunning!
  15. thanks! :biggrin:

    thanks! :biggrin:

    thanks! :biggrin:

    thanks! :biggrin: