^.^ A Reveal! Something small from the sale ...

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  1. Hi!! The UPS guy came!!! Anyone around to join me? :yahoo:
  2. It's a little early - 0630 AM in the UK :sleepy:
  3. Good morning, Slowhand!
    monday morning surprise! Uploading pics in awhile ...
  4. Got to go now....
  5. I'm here! Got uni... XD
  6. It's almost 7pm down under!
    I never get to witness live reveals... Maybe this will be my first??? :yahoo:
  7. I am here!
  8. Me too:smile:
  9. I'm here, behind the spreadsheets in the office....:graucho:
  10. I'm here too! Just logging onto my pc at work after a meeting
  11. Me too! (Hope it's a shh.. Bal!!)
  12. Hi! I'm back! Went out for awhile ...
    Thanks for dropping by!

    (P.S: Indiana, ahh yes I wish for more bal!!!!!!)

    Photos don't show up now ... gonna restart my comp!
  13. Hi! It's really something small but I love it so much!
    The leather is delicious!!

  14. Still here & waiting impatiently... give us a clue please! (Indi's actually dropped off)
  15. no idea, small hayden ?
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