A Reveal of the Revealed Satchel.....

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  1. I took the plunge and ordered a Revealed Satchel in bluette on Monday -- and it's already here!! :yahoo:

    I don't do long reveals with 20 pics of the box being opened, so I'm going to get right to it. It was already dark by the time I got home, so I had to settle for inside pics. I tried a few different locations to see where the lighting would be best, but it's hard to decide. Here are a few of the better "full body" shots.



    I think this last pic might be closest to the true color.
  2. Here is a close up of the leather. It's a drier, wrinkly leather. That sounds like it would be bad, but it's not. The wrinkly is part of the charm, and by drier, I just mean that it doesn't have the same feel as an HH bag. The color is a teal overall, but you can see different shades of blue, green, and charcoal when you look closely.

    The hardware is TDF! It's not silver, and it's not black -- it's something in between. (I guess gunmetal....:P) It's super shiny, and I was excited to not have to get gold.

  3. I really love this bag! :love: It's totally the perfect size for me, which I wasn't sure of since I hadn't seen it IRL. I love the coloring of the leather and hardware, and I really like the studs. I definitely prefer that they're tiny and very subtle.
  4. I love your Bluette Reveal, such a great shade. Looks like Teal but then I have not seen the colour IRL. Love the wrinkly texture & I even love those studs littered all over the bag. Now you make me want one too. CONGRATS!!!
  5. Oh My is that ever gorgeous. Once again IRL pics make all the bags look more appealing. I didn't think I'd like this leather design but it's awesome.
  6. gorgeous!! congrats!!!
  7. Congrats, Mule, that's a gorgeous bag! I love the variations in colour in the leather too... And yep, that's gunmetal hardware. ;) Glad you're loving your bag!
  8. That is gorgeous!! I think I need to get one!
  9. I think Treesje makes the best gunmetal hardware! The leather texture is my favorite,too. I find this leather is likely to hold up really well over time, don't you think so? I have the toffee knox and the black charlie in similar leathers and I never have to baby them at all. Oh how I love Treesje........
  10. Loving this bag as I love exterior zippers! Gorgeous colour!

    My one complaint is that I wish that the detachable straps were detached higher up on the bags so that the bag holds its shape more when worn with the detachable strap. I find that when I wear my Mini Avalon, it hangs funny if not totally filled. Anyone else have that problem?
  11. I haven't worn my Revealed Satchel yet as I was at a hockey rink most of the day -- not the place to break her in! So, I'm not sure if it will have that issue or not. I'll have to check it out and let you know.
  12. It's beautiful Mule! I love the color and the studs are amazing.
  13. I'm so glad someone got this bag because it has haunted me for weeks! It's GORGEOUS!! :love: :love: Congrats Mule!!!
  14. Gorgeous color!! Congrats!